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Review of The Friendship Factor.

The friendship crisis addresses lonelinessas a crisis in our lives today.

Good but out-of-print books to buyused from Amazon.

The Combined Family: A Guide to Creating Successful Step-Relationships by Taube S. Kaufman, Glenn D. Slovenko, and Helen Coale. In writing about the realities of the combined or blended family, the authors write, "Combined Families Resemble Nuclear Families in Only One Way: An Adult Couple is Present in Both Forms of Family; There the Resemblance Ends." This essential statement sets the tone for a book which tells the stories of stepfamilies from all perspectives including those of the children. Kaufman stresses the emotions of the children as they deal with the loss of a past family life, while adjusting to a new household of dual expectations. As many books on the subject of stepparents deal mostly with parental problems, this is a good book for starters if you contemplating re-marriage with children or already living in a blended family. Living in a StepFamily Without Getting Stepped On by Kevin Leman, Ph.D.

Kevin Leman is a big believer that your birth order in a family greatly determines your personality and even your life. Now he carries that theory one step further into an excellent book for stepfamilies where children’s previous birth orders get turned topsy-turvy. The only child finds herself a middle child in a blended family while the baby in a family for years is promoted to middle child by the birth of his new sibling. Good reading for stepparents determined to learn everything possible to make their new families work. Leman has written many books on birth order, child rearing, discipline, and relationships. His vast knowledge about children, families and relationships carries over into all of his writings. Book Review: Copyright © 1999 CyberParent. All rights reserved.

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