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Video VHS Review: The Happiest Kid on the Block

A baby who will not stop crying is very frustrating and tiringto everyone in his/her life. Learn the five steps to end that crying.  

Video Review by Pam Gordon

The Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer

by Harvey Karp, MD

The happiest parents on the block are those whose baby sleeps for long periods at a time. If that does not describe your infant, let Dr. Karp help you.

If you have experienced a baby who will not stop crying, you know just how frustrating and tiring that can be. 

What if you could "flip a switch" and not only stop that baby from crying but even put him/her to sleep for several hours. 

That "switch" is exactly what Dr. Harvey Karp,  a pediatrician and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the UCLA School of Medicine, has discovered for newborn infants.

Acting on the premise that some infants need a fourth trimester to make the transition from womb to earth, Dr. Karp researched newborn care throughout the world. From this research he designed a system to calm newborns and induce reasonably long periods of sleep. 

It is based on the "cuddle cure" and appears to work in over 95% of the babies whose parents try it. Parents describe it as "flipping a switch" to calm babies who had been crying for hours, days, or weeks.

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There are five steps to follow which Dr. Karp refers to as the 5 S’s. Note: This is a brief introduction to those steps and is certainly not complete. Read the book or view the video/DVD first in order to safely follow his system. 

1. Swaddle: Dr. Karp illustrates an excellent swaddling technique to simulate the womb. This is the important first step.
2. Side or Stomach Positioning: Babies left on their backs have a sensation of free falling and are just plain scared. After swaddling your baby as illustrated in the publication, place your baby on his/her side or stomach. Dr. Karp stresses that a baby who is on his/her stomach should never be left unattended. 
3. Shushing or White Noise: Your baby has listened to your blood flowing for the last nine months. A loud shushing or white noise machine will simulate that blood flow. 
4. Swinging or Jiggling Motion: You walked around for nine months slightly jiggling your baby. Now buy a swing or use the very tiny jerking motions he suggests and explains to simulate mom in motion. Don’t shake your baby as it may result  in shaken baby syndrome. 
5. Suck:  Sucking on a pacifier or even your finger completes the process. 

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Be aware that this is a procedure to calm your baby and induce sleep during the first three or maybe four months of his/her life. It is not applicable after that age.

What to Buy?

Some parents have purchased both a video/DVD and the book. That is best if you have the funds to do so as both have their good points. However, if you only buy one, buy a DVD if possible, or a video. Parents can watch the visual publication together and it can be shared with other family members and care givers–even those who would not take the time to read the book.

Be aware this information is for infants only. It is not applicable after the age of three or four months.

DVD contains: 
A 38 minute course on baby calming (in Spanish and English).
A 60 minute question and answer section.
Three different tracks of white  noise for calming crying babies and prolonging sleep totally 60 minutes.
Full-screen format.

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