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I’m looking for some advice on how totalk to my stepdaughter about who I am to her. She thinks I’m "Mommy." Herbiological mother has been out of her life since she was 2years old. I met her father whenshe was about 2 1/2 and we married a year later.

She is now 8 yrs. old and we think thatwe need to talk to her about it but we are not sure how to go about it. Any advice wouldhelp.

Thank youStepmom


I have 2 boys of my own 24yrs. & 21 yrs., my boyfriend & I are livingtogether but plan on getting married. He has 3 children a girl 24 yrs. old, a girl22 yrs. old & a boy 20 yrs. old.

None of these children live with us. My boyfriend & I have been togetherfor about 3 1/2 yrs. & moved to a new town.I got very depressed because I didn’tknow anyone but now we are starting to meet people. I don’t think he is as sociable as Iam & I sometimes wonder if we are going to compliment one another like I had thoughtoriginally.

I used to be shy when I was younger but as I got older I started to come out ofmy shell. Now I feel like I am starting all over again with my confidence with people& have a hard time just being natural. Sometimes I find it uncomfortable trying tocommunicate with him & his kids. I keep praying that as time goes on I will not feelthis way but sometimes I feel like I just want to run the other way.

My kids & I were always close & it’s hard not to want to be close withhis kids too.

Can you give me any advice because we are talking about marriage & we aregoing to talk with our preacher before we take the big step. I was married before for 20years & my ex-husband had some addiction issues, mental abuse, & was a man who wasvery emotional & yelled a lot. My boyfriend is just the opposite but sometimes Ialmost think he is to serious. Maybe you can just shed a little light on the subject.

I know we can’t change people. At first I thought he was antisocial, althoughhe never complained about going to things with my family & now we found a churchtogether & found friends but in the back of my mind the quietness still kind of bugsme. What would you suggest that I do about not letting this bother me that much & justbe myself. I think I expect everything to be exciting all the time & I know that’s notnormal. I find myself having a hard time making conversation with other people & endedup quitting my job because I became to depressed & couldn’t talk to people and startedhaving problems with severe anxiety.

I am doctoring with a doctor but I would like to resolve these things. So I canfeel comfortable with myself again.

There are other things in the family that are also going on with sickness &one of my children has an addiction problem that I have been dealing with for 6 years. Thechurch & the people have actually helped me the most morethan any counselor has but there still is the marriage thing that I want to make sure. Ifailed once & I don’t want to go down that path again. If you have any feedback aboutadult children in new marriages please write me.


I will soon be inheriting a stepson who is 14 years old. I feel asthough we have already bonded, but as far as parenting a 14 year old,I’m lost. I have two kids that are 6 and 7 that adore him as well.Before I played a role in Allen’s life, he and his father ate out nearlyevery night. I’ve tried to put a stop to that by making appealingdinners and special treats include eating out once or twice a week. Hegets frustrated sometimes and wants to eat out more often. He thinksmoney grows on trees.He’s so easy to be a friend to, but I have to learn to be a parent aswell. Furthermore, he’s at an age where he’s no longer a child, but notan adult either. That’s where I get confused. I’m not sure to includeor exclude him in many adult matters.Help!Kindest regards,Terrie KSt. Louis, MO

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