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My husband and I are both non-custodial parents,of two children each.His son is 11,his daughter is 8. My daughter is 8 and my son is 5. Wehave access every second weekend, and every teusday. Mine stayovernight,his have to be home by six. I have a good relationship with myex-husband regarding the children. My children have no battle scars,youwould never even know they were children of divorce. His two childrenhowever have more battle scars,then Monica Lewinsky has dresses. Theremother liked me at first but now has told the children she is afraid ofme. She uses & manipulates these children to such a degree that itshould be considered child abuse.Her ultimate goal is parent alienation.This I’m sure of as I’ve been a children’s advocate for 8years. Myproblem is this: Both children lie.It is so bad with his son that Idon’t trust him period. He snoops, they both eavesdrop and report totheir mother about everything. Don’t get me wrong,I’m there for them inevery way possible,and treat all four children the same. But I’m quittired of having to be on guard in my own home (previously my husbandshome). I’ve started hiding things and locking things up,I’m evenconsidering a lock for our bed room door. This seems ridiculous. Myother problem is of course lack of respect from his son, and waterworksmanipulation from his daughter. I think moving to a new home may helpset the stage for respect.Because this would not just be Dad’s house.But I have to be honest, I don’t like this house or neighbourhood. Myhusband feels like I have it out for his son. The last thing I need isto start arguing about children.I grew up in a blended family full ofarguments.My husband also keeps saying there is nothing I can do fromhere.He may be partly right,because of his ex-wife’s influence on thechildren. I know I sound like I’m rattling on,but please help if youcan.And please reply as fast as you can. Greatfully yours,PM, Canada


I read a good book called StepMothering: Another Kind of Love by Pearl K.Prilik. There are a couple of pages about setting limits in the book that might be helpful, pages 81 and 82. There is also a chapter on stress. My stepson was stealingfrom me but it finally worked out. Good luck.JW, Texas

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