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Six pages of Questions and Answers for Stepparents.

Six pages of questions from and about stepparents andstepparenting. Six pages of questions and answersabout issues that face almost every blended family and stepparent. Go from one page to thenext. If you don’t see your question answered, let us know by email. CyberParent wants tohelp all stepparents deal with their hard situations.

Stepparents’ Q & A

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Questions asked by many stepparents and some quick answers.

Written or compiled by Jan Wilson I KNOW EVERY SITUATION IS UNIQUE; BUT HOW FAR REACHING IS A BLENDED OR STEP FAMILY SITUATION. I MEAN, OUTSIDE OF THE PARENTS AND THE CHILDREN, WHO ELSE CAN BE AFFECTED? (GRANDPARENTS, AUNTS, UNCLES, COUSINS, BROTHERS, SISTERS, ETC.) I think everyone is affected in some manner, even the family pet has its life rearranged. The closer the extended family, though, the more people will be affected. IS THERE A CERTAIN AGE FOR BOTH PARENTS AND CHILDREN WHEN TRANSITIONING INTO A BLENDED OR STEP FAMILY SITUATION IS RELATIVELY EASY? I think the younger the child is, the easier the transition.

IS IT EVER EASY TO MAKE THE TRANSITION? It will not happen by itself. Discussions and decisions made before the marriage will make life easier in most situations.

In any relationship, one person gets what he/she wants by giving the other person what she/he wants. No one ever gets 100% of what they want for long.

No one ends up with 100% of what they want in a stepfamily. A stepfamily is a series of compromises that eventually gives everyone a little of what they want and depending upon the size and the manipulations and power plays involved, someone may get more than someone else.

More Q & A

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