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Kids toys and action figures: Review ofRescue Heroes’ Playsets

Kids Toys from Fisher Price: Rescue Heroes’ Playsets. Review from CyberParent

Rescue Heroes: Reviews of Playsets for Action Figures

Playsets offer hours of play and interaction from kids. Each playset includes action figures and vehicles or animals. CyberParent recommends a playset as the best place to start your child with Rescue Heroes. Also, a playset makes a great set-up for Santa! 

There are five playsets that CyberParent recommends.  CyberParent does not recommend Mission Select M.A.C.C.  It is too fragile. 

Rescue Heroes Micro Adventure Fire Down Under Playset includes Billy Blazes figure, camper figure, rescue chopper with spinning blades, mountain lion, and DVD with "Fire Down Under" episode!  Playset features a lookout tower with flip-up flames, falling trees, and a tent that you can fit figures inside. Rescue chopper holds one figure.

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Rescue Heroes Micro Adventures Space Playset includes Roger Houston figure, astronaut figure, space station, crashed space ship with "meteor damage", 2 meteors, space alien, moon rover, rotating space tower and radar dish. DVD with "Houston, We Have A Problem" episode also included. Crashed space ship and moon rover each hold one figure. This is the CyberParent favorite playset.

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Rescue Heroes Micro Adventures A.R.C.C. (Aquatic Rescue Command Center) includes a movable, working winch to lower the rescue boat into the water, a working elevator, movable water blob launcher, a whale and Billy Blazes and Aaron Sky figures plus DVD with Cruise into Danger episode. Unfortunately, vehicles shown in manufacturer’s photo are not included in the playset.
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Rescue Heroes Micro Adventure Underwater Nightmare Playset includes Gil Gripper figure, diver figure, mini sub, sunken submarine, shark and DVD with "Underwater Nightmare" episode. Open up the sunken sub to fit figures inside or explore the playset’s "underwater" caverns.
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Rescue Heroes Micro Adventure Avalanche Playset includes Billy Blazes figure, camper, rescuevehicles, mountain lion and DVD.

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CyberParent does NOT recommend Mission Select M.A.C.C.  It is too fragile.
Most Rescue Heroes are good for children 3-8 if attention is paid to small parts. 

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Some Rescue Heroes have small parts. In some Rescue Heroes projectiles are  supplied with the toy. Make certain your child understands not to launch them at point-blank range and not to launch them at people or animals.

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