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Hello my name is Jenny. I am 17 years old and I was in a relationship with a boy for two years and it was horrible. He called me names, told me I was worthless, wouldn’t let me see my friends, and other things. I don’t know why I stayed with him. He made me believe no one else would ever want me, he made me think everything was my fault. He called me names if I wore a dress or anything that didn’t cover my butt or didn’t cover my legs he said I was showing off. He got mad at me for saying hi to my friends so after awhile I lost all my friends. My parents made us stop seeing each other for awhile but he convinced me he has changed and I begged my parents to let me see him and they finally let me and nothing changed. He still had no respect for me at all. Finally my mom made us break up for good and it’s been about a month. I am so much happier. I used to cry everyday. I am starting to get my old friends back. My old boyfriend and I did have some good times but not many and every once in awhile I start to miss him but I guess it’s only natural. I have met a different boy and I realize how good I could be treated. I don’t want to be in a relationship right now. I just need some friends right now to help me stay strong. Write me back.

Abuse by BoyfriendI would like to thank you for setting my mind at ease that I wasn’t justbeing too sensitive around my boyfriend. I was feeling completelyfrustrated, unwanted, and like everything I did was wrong. My boyfriendtold me I was just being stupid, that he was just trying to "help me" bytelling me what I was doing wrong. Well, this seemed to entail smackingmy hands away from anything I was trying to do and doing it himself,andgetting irritated when that upset me to the point of yelling at me andlurching/jumping at me to intimidate and startle me into a state ofhysteria. I would go to a room to get away from him and he would comeafter me, throw the door open as hard as he could, pause a moment, andthen stomp in to tell me I was "such a baby" (that was one of hisfavorite names to call me). If I was proud of something I had doneand told him about it, he would always tell me all the things that werewrong with it. He would push me if I was in his way. I just got outof this relationship two weeks ago and have not told anyone whathappened. I once again would like to thank your site for making mefinally see the obvious, and get out.T.M., Canada

i am a 16 year old female, and not quite sure where to direct this letter. i’munder a constant assult of verbal abuse from my mother, always hearing aboutwhat a "loser" or "failure" i am, and having every bad thing thathappens toher projected on me. i know i’m not- i have done many outstanding things sofar, and feel like i do not deserve this! but at the same time, inwardly ifeel like i have lost any self esteem. i am also not going to deny doing it back to her, and the increasingfrequency of our fights are making me more and more afraid that i am going tocarry on this pattern of verbal abuse in future relationships and in college.She tells me that these fights are "normal" for mothers and daughters, butsomething is telling me that it really isn’t. this has been going on forawhile, but has recently grown worse, and is occuring more often.we have both went to a therapist, multiple times, and she is still going.when we first began meeting with our therapist around a year ago, i was hopingthat things would improve. they did for a few months, but are now worse thenever. recently, the abuse got physical for the first time with us hittingeachother, me biting her shoulder, and her strangling me so that i had bruiseson my neck.at this point, i dont know what to do. i love my mother, yet hate her at thesame time. i am not blaming her, because i mostly feel like i bring it onmyself. at times our relationship is perfect, and she can act like my bestfriend. my friends all love her, and would hardly suspect any abuse-verbal orphysical. ok, and after this long history of our relationship- here comes thequestions…is this normal for a teenage girl and her mother? what is there todo? how can i stop this cycle so it doesnt carry on to other relationships???

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