Series: vegans and vegetarians: teens.

Vegan and vegetarian teens.


Vegetarian Teens

By Rob McLean

Vegan and vegetarian teens. Why Do Teens Become Vegetarians?

1. Concern for animals. 2. Concern for the earth and its environment, now and in the future. 3. Health. 4. Weight loss. 5. Peer influence. 6. It’s cool!!

What Happens at Home When I Announce My Vegetarianism?

You’ve announced that you are vegetarian or vegan on the ol’ homefront.. Your parents are looking at each other and rolling their eyes. You’ll probably hear a few remarks to grandparents or parental friends that sound like this:

What’s with this kid, anyway? Just last week he wouldn’t eat one thing that had a slight touch of green color. Now he won’t eat anything else.

What’s with this kid, anyway? She’s accusing us of wrecking the earth!

What’s with this kid, anyway? All of a sudden I have to learn to cook again just so he can eat vegetarian.

What’s with this kid, anyway? Just when I was getting used to her vegetarianism, she becomes a vegan.

What’s with this kid, anyway? He’s accusing us of animal cruelty and acting like we are mass murderers.

What’s with this kid, anyway? A few of her friends become vegetarians and she has to follow suit.

Vegan and vegetarian teens.

Vegetarian and vegan teen.

Not to mention the list of questions your folks have. It goes like this"

  • Will my kids be unhealthy (or even die) if they don’t eat meat?
  • Will my kids become anemic?
  • Will my kids develop strong bones if they don’t eat meat?
  • Where will my kids get their protein? Iron? Calcium?
  • Vegan… Isn’t that even worse than vegetarian?
  • Am I going to have to cook tofu and other strange things?
  • Am I going to have to learn to cook again?
  • Is this like a cult? Will my kids be brainwashed by some group of weirdo grass eaters?
  • Will my kids become anorexic or develop other eating disorders?
  • Is vegetarianism an eating disorder?
  • Will my kids have a normal amount of energy if they don’t eat meat?
  • If I go along with this, will he/she outgrow this vegetarian bit?
  • Will my kids grow normally if they don’t eat meat? Will they reach their full height?
  • Will vegetarianism affect my child’s brain or IQ?

And the list goes on…

Parents have natural concerns about kids who come home and announce they are vegetarians or vegans. After all, it is a parent’s job to worry about you.

If you will look at this list closely, most of your parents’ questions center around your health and well-being. If you can convince at least one of your parents vegetarianism is a choice that will increase your well-being, you have an ally on the homefront.

This means you should learn what is healthy and beneficial and what is not. Of course, you need this knowledge anyway so why not use it for the old parents?

A series with more to come. Bookmark and come back soon.

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