Using Timeouts to Discipline Your Child without Destroying Self-Esteem

Using the timeout system to discipline your child lets the child regain control without feeling guilty. Timeouts conserve self-esteem.Timeouts help parents control their own tempers. Timeouts effectively stop behaviors that are especially hard to discipline. In short, timeouts will help everyone: the child, the parents, the grandparents, the caregivers, the teachers.


Timeout Defined: Time-out: what is this? How can it help my child? Timeout Errors: What if you have tried the time-out system with your kids, but still feel like it just doesn’t work? You did it wrong. In some way they continued to receive attention or continued to feel they were in a power position. Mistakes examined with examples here. Timeout Procedures: In order for timeout to be the most effective as a penalty for negative behavior, it is important that you follow certain procedures. The procedures, with steps, tips, and examples, are given here. Timeout Location: For the time-out penalty to be effective, it must be unpleasant for your child and administered in a calm, cool , and collected manner. It will help you stay calm if you choose timeout locations before they are needed. Timeout By Age: Time-out procedures change slightly as children age. The most important thing is that all caregivers follow the same timeout procedures in order for the timeout technique to be consistent. Timeout Activities for Active/Aggressive Child: If your child is older and is very active or is very aggressive, requiring this child to sit alone may set-off even more angry, aggressive, or destructive actions. This child could need a physical action instead of a quiet time for timeout. Timeout Discipline: Time-outs can effectively stop behaviors that are especially hard to discipline. It can also serve as disciplinary action for a particularly aggressive or impulsive kid! The discipline problems timeout can solve include everything from a temper tantrum to cursing to name-calling to spitting to horsing around to biting. TimeoutTips Try these tips to make timeout more effective for your child. Timeout is a form of discipline without guilt and with self-esteem.

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