How to Deal With Bad Weather: 9 Tips to Save Your Vacation

We’ve all been there – our bags packed, our tickets booked, waiting anxiously for quitting time so we can run out the door and enjoy our vacation.

And then it rains.

While the disappointment may lead you to believe that your entire trip is ruined, there is still hope! You don’t have to let bad weather get in the way of having an amazing vacation.

Before you hit the road or skies for your next adventure, keep these tips in mind in case Mother Nature decides not to cooperate:

Plan Ahead

You can plan an amazing vacation but you can’t predict the weather! Make sure you plan ahead by checking weather forecasts and ensuring you have a comfortable place to stay such as a hotel (especially if you were planning on camping!).

Also, look for indoor activities available in the area. There may be some interesting cultural centers or museums that you can visit during your stay.

And make sure you pack some extra clothes for rainy weather!

Jump in the Car

Bad weather can be localized, so it may be possible that a quick 30-minute drive could land you at a hot and sunny beach. If you are planning on hiking, look for trails outside of your destination area.

Go Shopping

If you find yourself stuck in bad weather during your vacation, you can always take advantage of the area’s retail district and look for local treasures!

Take the family shopping for treasure at a thrift store or hit up some gift shops. You may not end up with memories of hot summer adventures but you can definitely bring home a priceless memento of your vacation.

Enjoy the Local Eats

Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to explore the local cuisine! Check out the food markets, look for food trucks, or visit locally owned diners and restaurants.

Speak to a tourist bureau or hotel staff to see what hole-in-the-wall restaurants are worth dining at or Google restaurants and choose one at random. 

Stay In for the Day

If you’re lucky, the bad weather won’t extend the entire length of your vacation. When one yucky day rains on your plans, spend the day in your hotel room!

Check out the amenities they offer. They may have an onsite gym or spa that you can take advantage of.

Order food, rent a movie or see if the hotel has a stash of board games for the kiddos. Chalk it up to a relaxing family vacation.

Go See a Movie

Unless you’re traveling to a remote location, you’ll be hard-pressed to not find a local movie theatre. Take advantage of the bad weather while on vacation by catching the latest flick with your family.

Write Some Postcards

Back in the day, people used to write things on paper and mail them to other people. Maybe you even remember getting a postcard in the mail when your friends and family went on vacation.

You can definitely bring a smile to the faces of your friends and loved ones back home by sending them postcards from the area! Imagine their surprise when they open their mailboxes and find a sweet message instead of a quick text updating them on your vacation.

Take a Tour

If the area you are visiting has any sort of factory, such as a winery or brewery, check to see if they offer tours. You get to stay inside and away from the bad weather while learning something new!

Get Wet

Or perhaps you’re not afraid to get a little wet! Brave the elements with a great jacket and explore the areas. Rainy days may not be suitable for lazy days at the beaches but you can still enjoy nature when the weather is not cooperating.

Why not go do something where you were going to get wet anyway? Try jet skiing or go for a dip in the water. 

And, with rainy weather, you may get to see an amazing waterfall or two!

Remember Why You’re On Vacation!

Maybe you booked your vacation to catch some rays at the beach but deep down you perhaps just wanted to get away from the same daily grind for a little bit or visit family and friends who live away.

Most families take a vacation to create memories or explore a new destination. All of this can be done even when the weather doesn’t cooperate!

Overall, don’t let bad weather ruin the entire experience. There are many ways you can save your vacation even if you don’t get the sunshine you were hoping for.

Have you ever dealt with bad weather while on vacation? What did you do? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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