Are Carnival Cruises for Families Worth It?

Cruises lend themselves to family time together and children’s and parents’ time apart.

Family togetherness, cruise ships, and kids’ activities make cruises ideal family vacations. Planning a cruise for your family’s next vacation is easy because all the planning is done for parents by the ship’s crew.

Cruises lend themselves to family time together and children’s and parents’ time apart. Also, a great learning opportunity for your child.

How does first-rate entertainment, planned activities for children, casino gambling, ample family togetherness, sunbathing, swimming, sumptuous and continual dining opportunities, all right outside your room, sound for your next family vacation?

If this is your type of relaxation, then taking a cruise vacation is definitely for you and your family.

Carnival “Fun Ship”

I returned from my first cruise recently, a three day whirlwind of fun and sun on a Carnival “Fun Ship”. We departed Miami and arrived in Nassau the next day on a literal “moving city.”

This “city” is 855 feet in length and can accommodate 2602 passengers. Crew members on the cruise are ample (920) and will help you with information, beverage procurement, children’s needs, shore excursions, and travel information.

The festive atmosphere on this three-day cruise is due to the young crowd (my guess for average age is 35), Carnival’s philosophy, and the ship’s lively Las Vegas-style decor. Perfect for a family cruise and children.

When at port in Nassau, the cruise offers many shore activities at reasonable prices. Family activities cover interests such as scuba diving, snorkeling, town tours, shopping trips, or a lazy day with the kids at the beach.

New Experiences

Cruises offer the kids many new experiences. If your children have never seen a seaport, a foreign country, or even the deep blue sea, a cruise will be a real eye-opener.

And, oh, that food! Food is good, ample, and available all day. On the three day cruise there is one formal dinner, but the other nights are causal. All dinners are seven courses and you get to choose your selections from a daily menu. Menus include items that appeal to kids as well as parents.

Take advantage of the free nightly Las Vegas style shows on board and the midnight buffet on deck. Daytime on a cruise abounds with activities, both planned and unplanned for your family. Children will find ample to do while leaving parents to enjoy some alone time. Kids and parents also have activities to do as a family.

I am looking forward to my next cruise and will try a seven-day cruise. One warning, however. There is so much to do and see, you may need another vacation day upon your return home just to recover from your vacation.

It is worth it, though. You will have a blast, get closer to your family without feeling confined, and want to cruise again soon!

An excellent way for parents and children to enjoy a vacation.

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