5 Tips for Traveling Internationally With Children

Travel benefits children regardless of their age, from gaining new experiences, interacting with other nationalities, learning new cultures, eating local delicacies, and reinforcing family core values.

If you’re planning to travel overseas with your little ones, these five tips can help make the entire experience less stressful and more memorable for everyone. 

1. Do Your Research

These days, there are many resources readily available to get quality travel information.

Check your destination’s official government website to know the visa requirements, quarantine details, and updated travel restrictions.

Do your research several weeks before your trip to have ample time to make the necessary adjustments with your bookings.  

2. Consider the Destination

If you don’t have a destination yet, consider going to a location that offers plenty of stimulating, child-friendly activities.

Regardless of how well-traveled you are, remember that not all children can easily adapt to their environment. It would be best to go somewhere safe for every type of tourist, especially if this is your first family international trip.

You should also consider the travel hours of your chosen destination.

Make sure you know the exact route to your accommodation once you arrive to avoid getting stranded with your little ones. 

3. Create a Child-Friendly Plan

Plan your trip in advance so you can take advantage of early bird prices, especially during peak seasons.

Popular family amusement parks or child-friendly tourist spots usually have advance ticket promotions or special deals.

Booking your trip early will also provide you with more availability options. Remember to include your kids in the planning process so they can feel a sense of responsibility and awareness.

Your children will be less likely to complain or act up during your trip if they know the itinerary beforehand. 

4. Pack Wisely

Give yourself at least a week or two to prepare your luggage. Empower your kids by providing each of them with their own suitcase and allowing them to choose the clothes and toys they want to bring.

Make sure to check the weather forecast of your destination so you can pack appropriate clothing.

If traveling with a baby, consider wearing them to make it easier for you to attend to other things.

Choose a sturdy baby carrier from a reliable brand such as Diono to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable during your trip. 

5. Schedule a Doctor’s Checkup

Since some countries require certain vaccinations, make it a point to visit your kids’ doctor at least three months before your trip.

Having your children immunized early on will ensure the vaccines’ effectiveness, giving you peace of mind that they are well-protected, especially in the event of an outbreak.

Aside from the necessary immunizations, consult with their doctor about the medications they might need for the entire trip. 


Traveling to another country with kids can be challenging yet equally rewarding.

Remember to follow these tips so you can safely enjoy your family vacation and focus on creating memories that everyone will cherish.  

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