Our Tips For A Successful Surfing Holiday With The Kids

Going on holiday with the kids has the power to both excite a parent and send a wave of fear right through them. Depending on how young your kids are, picking out the right holiday type that will ensure your kids are safe, happy, entertained and more importantly stress-free can seem like a losing battle.

Do you go for the typical theme park holiday and chase them from ride to ride, or do you invest in an all-inclusive resort break at a family-focused hotel?

While holidaying with your kids isn’t always stressful, it can often come down to how you handle it and here, we’ve decided to focus on surfing holidays. With the right preparation and our handy tips, a surfing holiday doesn’t have to be the nightmare it sounds like – so grab your wetsuits, book your flights and get ready to jet off.

Here are our tips for a successful surfing holiday with the kids.

Know The Right Age To Start Surfing

The right age for your kids to start surfing ultimately depends on a few things; firstly, only you will know your child. Some parents have five year olds with the awareness of someone years older, while others may have a 9 year old who never quite grew out of being 6.

While this is rarely a concern, it is something you need to consider when deciding whether your children are old enough for surfing.

On average, experts suggest that the age of 8 is when kids gain enough awareness of surfing and what it entails to be able to head out onto the waves with confidence, but younger children can still head out on a surfboard if you’re there to help them along the way.

Have At Least One Lesson

Lessons are a great way to build up your own confidence about heading out on the waves. Even if you’ve been surfing before, investing in a lesson or two with a qualified instructor can give you the confidence you need to go on a surfing holiday with your kids.

You can learn the very basics, even if it’s just standing on a board, so you can go on holiday without worrying about having to learn too much while you’re there.

Hire Equipment Once You’re Abroad

When you’re travelling with your kids and all of their stuff, the last thing you want to be worrying about is surfboards and other related equipment.

If you’re going on a beach holiday, the chances are that there’ll be somewhere out there that offers surfing equipment to hire.

This could cost you once you’re there, but will save you the cost of shipping your board all the way overseas and might even end up cheaper!

Check The Experience Level Required For Certain Beaches

The beach you choose to go to can ultimately have an effect on the success of your holiday.

There is little point taking kids who are learning to surf to an expert-level beach; they’ll probably be stuck on the sand rather than heading out onto the waves with you, which we’re sure defeats the point entirely!

Spain, France, Portugal, the Maldives and plenty of other key holiday destinations all have beginner-friendly beaches, so make sure you do your research before you book!

When it comes to heading out onto the waves with the kids, you will probably find that it’s much simpler than you may have initially expected.

Providing you take care, keep an eye on them while out on the water and fit in time for some lessons, riding a wave or two alongside your kids can be a relaxing, stress-free and exhilarating way to spend a holiday together as a family!

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