3 Tips for Decorating Your Kid’s Room

Decorating your child’s room is one of the ways in which you can show them your love and attention. It’s a chance to showcase how closely you follow their likes and dislikes, as well as their hobbies and personalities.

If you get it right, this could be a chance to strengthen the bond between you and your child. 

There are several options available to you here. Ideally, you want to give your children a lot of space to move around in.

You want to focus on safety and keep the room nicely lit, too. Here are a few things for you to consider:

1. Keeping Things Simple

It’s always best to go the simple route when decorating your child’s room. This means prioritizing the breathing room instead of filling it with all kinds of unnecessary items.

Keeping your child’s sleep and play area clutter-free is quite important for your peace of mind, as well. 

Now, you don’t need to make the room spartan or barebones. You can still make it look homey and inviting. The important point is to not go overboard in either direction. 

You can start with the spaces between the different pieces of furniture. If there isn’t a lot of space, you should get a bed that is enough to accommodate your child’s size.

The same goes for tables, ottomans, chairs and whatever else. 

The walls should also be kept neat and tidy. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t decorate the walls with shelves and posters, altogether.

However, it is important that you don’t fill them up for the sake of filling them up.

There is nothing wrong with having some bare spaces on a shelf if they are handled tastefully. After all, air circulation is its own desirable quality.

Fewer things that occupy space in the room means less space for a refreshing breeze to go move through.

Another great reason to do this is keeping your child’s mind more organized. Having a small room that’s packed to the brim is not good for their mental health.

It affects their ability to think clearly and could make things like doing homework more difficult than necessary. 

2. Kid-Friendly Space

Since you are decorating your child’s room, it only makes sense that you would make it child-friendly. You do this by prioritizing safety above all else.

This is why you include thick, soft carpets in case your child falls over. Some cushions and a soft mattress to catch them when they are moving around with lots of energy. 

It would also be advisable to cover corners with rubber layers in order to prevent unfortunate accidents. This is the same reason why you will want to avoid using glass furniture or shelves. Those are never advisable to be placed in areas where children often play. 

With that said, it would also be great if you allow for a little play area in their room. Children like to take their friends to their sleeping area for play. If you can provide a carpeted space where toys and the like can be placed, this would be great.

If possible, you might also want to add things like an indoor swing. This would inject quite a bit of childish charm into the space. This will then help your child feel a little more comfortable in their own personal space.  

Aside from all of that, there is still the question of the wallpaper, some posters and perhaps some toys. Be sure to take your child’s interest to heart if you are deciding on any of those things.

You want to aim for making the room a reflection of who your child is. You don’t want it to look generic. 


This is how you can make your child feel at home in his room. Your child will not feel like they do not fit, which can then make them feel antsy about staying there. This could cause certain anxiety issues. 

3. Lighting is Everything

The last point that’s worth considering is what kind of lighting option you will choose for your child’s room.

Will it be bright? Will it be dim? Will you use LED bulbs or stick with lamps?

You could use neon lights if that’s something your child is interested in. There are tons of neon lights customization services available for you to pick from. 

You could ask your child’s input with regard to this matter. You could look up and show them examples of what their rooms could look like under certain lighting options – then walk them through all the types of light sources that they can have in their rooms. 

What makes options like neon signs so great is that they can be made in any form. From dragons to daffodils, from fairies to food. Whatever your child can dream up, it can be made into reality with neon lights. 

This is not about superficial satisfaction, either. Giving your child the kind of space that they can revel in is important for their mental health. Their room is a place that they are supposed to feel safe and comfortable in. 

By decorating it in such a way that appeals to their likes, they will then feel that their rooms are truly theirs. This will give them a sanctuary that they can always rely on to make them feel better.


Decorating your child’s room can be an expression of your love and affection. This is why you need to put careful thought into your choices with regard to it.

The tips mentioned above are meant to help guide you to achieve exactly what you are aiming for.

How well you can execute them will depend a lot on how well you know your child. 

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