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Walks and Walking for Fitness and Health

Walks and Walking: Walking has many stress, fitness, flexibility, and health benefits. But don’t overlook the social benefits of walking with a friend or a group. 

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Walks and Walking 

Walking benefits everything from sleep to heart, from stress reduction to weight reduction, and from flexibility to balance. Just walk!!

Written or compiled by DH Owens

Benefits of Walking: Pain Reduction

Benefits of Walking for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Fitness

Walking and Depression Reduction Walking can be a natural cure for feelings of stress, anxiety and hopelessness.

Walking and Sleep Benefits If you don’t walk regularly, add a  good night’s sleep to the long list of benefits for beginning  a walking program. 

Walking for Flexibility  Walking is based on the interaction of head, arms, body and legs. Because of this, it does offer flexibility, even without doing stretching exercises before and after walking.

Walking for Musculoskeletal Fitness Musculoskeletal fitness refers to muscular strength, muscular endurance, and joint flexibility. Maintaining musculoskeletal fitness through walking can increase overall quality of life.

Walking for Stress Reduction Walking is a powerful stress reducer even if that walk is a slow stroll or a walk in the woods.

Walking for Love: Walking with groups, single or otherwise, is a good way to meet singles to date.

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Body Mass Index When you are walking for fitness, be aware that a high Body Mass Index (BMI) usually indicates more body fat. As your body mass index goes down, your body fat is going away!

Many Benefits of Walking for Exercise

Walking and Weight Loss One of the primary benefits of a regular walking routine is weight-loss. And does it ever work! But don’t think that a moderate-intensity walking program  will work quickly or you will be disappointed.


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Walking and Heat Protection A walker needs heat protection, particularly when walking in hot, humid climates or on walks taken during the heat of the day. 

Walking and Cold Protection There are simple steps that all walkers can take for protection during cold weather walks.

Walking Benefits Immune System  Even moderate levels of regular walking have been shown to enhance the immune system, helping our body fight off illness and even reducing the incidence of certain cancers. 

Aging and the Role of Walking Your walking skills are measured as an indication of how likely you are to be in a nursing home. Walking is a step to graceful aging

Walking Sticks: A suitable companion for hiking or week-end walks. Buy one or make your own!

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Walks, Walking, Cancer Lack of exercise is considered a risk factor for cancer.

Walking and Sun There is one drawback to walking: sun exposure.

Walking and Nature Walking in serene natural areas has great health and psychological benefits. We need nature to feel alive and to feel a part of the entire universe. 

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Walking Has Social Benefits In addition to all the physical benefits, walking also brings with it a host of social perks, smiling humans, and even new friends.

Walking in Water A  walk in water adds intensity to your exercise because water has 12 to 14 times the resistance of air. Walking in water is also kind to your joints. 

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