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The Wedding Guide for the Grownup Bride.

Second wedding, first wedding, wedding of an older bride–it’sall here.

The Wedding Guide for the Grownup Bride Getting Married When You’re Old Enough to Know What You’re Doing and in Love Enough to Do It Anyway

by Shelley Christiansen

Although the author takes a tongue-in-cheek view of weddings, the book is practical and covers decisions before the wedding, wedding plans, and life after the wedding.

Having married more than once, I loved this book!! The author, who is marrying (for the first time) at age 46, takes an irreverent, often humorous, but very practical look at every aspect of getting married.

From announcing the engagement with or without fanfare, to the prenuptials, to what last name you use after the wedding nuptials, you will find every detail of a wedding covered for a first-time bride, second-time bride,, third-time, or more. You will also find practical information (maybe some things you had not thought about) for living after the wedding like careers or sharing a home, money, and private parts.

The book is divided into three sections. The first section covers decisions to be made about the wedding and life in general.

The second section actually covers the wedding itself–from start to finish– with common sense suggestions. The author guides you in making decisions that reflect your individuality rather than a picture-perfect wedding industry.

The third sector is a brief overview of life after the wedding.

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