3 Ways to Get Ready for Your Next Beach Vacation

Everyone loves escaping to the beach, whether it is your family lake lot or tropical paradise. While just thinking about your upcoming vacation may have you already on beach-mode, any trip requires quite a bit of planning.

Without planning, your trip could end up more stressful and less enjoyable than anticipated, and nobody wants that! In hopes of avoiding that situation, here are 3 ways to get ready for your next beach vacation.

Make a List

Some people love lists and some people hate them. No one, however, can argue the effectiveness of a good list, especially when preparing for a vacation.

There are going to be many things you will need to pack, prepare, or take care of before leaving, and a list is the best way to ensure you don’t forget anything. Make a list for what clothes you are going to pack: swimwear, sleepwear, footwear, and clothes for multiple occasions, such as hot days, cool evenings, rain, or fancy nights out.

Additionally, make a list for extras you need to pack: sunglasses, towels, beach bags, sunscreen, bathroom essentials, travel documents, etc.

Lastly, make a list for anything that needs to be taken care of before leaving: paying bills, finding a pet sitter, etc.

Prepare for the Sun

Necessary steps taken to prepare for the sun will vary from person to person because everyone’s skin reacts to the sun differently. Some people burn easily, and some people don’t burn at all. No matter which category you fall under, it is important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Make sure you pack sunscreen with an SPF appropriate to your skin sensitivity and the weather forecast, face lotions and lip balms with integrated SPF, and a hat, to aid in keeping the sun off of your face.

A great way to help prepare your skin for the upcoming exposure to sunlight is to ensure you moisturize everyday. Dry skin is more susceptible to sunburn than healthy, hydrated skin.

Finally, if you moms (or dads, for that matter) are concerned about how you may look in your bathing suit, you might want to consider getting rid of unwanted hair. These days, there are a variety of methods and products available when it comes to looking ‘sleek’ in the sun so be sure to check out your options.

Research and Prepare for Water Safety

While especially important for those travelling with children, everyone should be equipped with appropriate accessories and an understanding on how to stay safe in the water.

If you are traveling with children, ensure to pack some sort of flotation device, especially for younger, less experienced swimmers. Water safety is not only for children, however.

Even as an adult, it is important to wear a life jacket if you will be boating or participating in other water sports. Another aspect to take into consideration, for those visiting the ocean, is tide and current patterns.

Anyone swimming in the ocean should have a basic knowledge of riptides, and where the riptides are on the beach you are visiting. Getting caught in the current of a riptide can be deadly.


Any vacation requires some amount of planning, but beach vacations tend to demand even more attention to detail than other destinations do.

There are many important considerations, such as packing necessary beach-specific items, protecting your skin from the sun, and ensuring that everyone understands and is prepared for water safety.

Following these 3 ways to get ready for your next beach vacation will ensure that the only thing you have to worry about once you hit the beach is relaxing.

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