Be a Friend: 5 Serious Signs of Drug Use You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Are you concerned that a loved one might be addicted to drugs but aren’t absolutely sure? Here are 5 signs of drug use you need to look out for.

Drug addiction is a problem no parent, friend or loved one wants to deal with. It’s more common than people realize, with over 24.6 million people reporting they had a drug problem of some kind in 2013.

How do you know what the signs of drug use are and what to look for? Although it can vary by drug, there are some common issues that can point to this type of problem.

Learn more, and see what you need to be aware of when looking for drug use in someone you love. 

Sudden Change in Behavior That is Not Normal for Your Loved One

If you’re worried about your loved one using drugs, see if you notice any drastic changes in how they’re acting. A person who is normally happy and engaged in life might become withdrawn and depressed.

Sometimes you’ll notice an introverted individual become overly talkative. Pay attention to these changes and notice if they’re consistent. If so, consider talking with your loved one or their friends and family, to see if you’re the only one picking up on these differences. 

Problems at Work or School Are Often Signs of Drug Use

Grades that are suffering, absent or tardy, and failing work performance are just a few things that can be a sign of drug abuse. Consider how this individual normally handles their work and school performance.

For many people, doing drugs, getting money for the drugs, or hanging out with those who have the same lifestyle are the most important components of life once they’re addicted. 

If they no longer care or don’t want to improve, this can be one of the signs of addiction. If that’s the case, there’s still hope, but it’s important to take action early. 

Asking to Borrow Money or Spending Too Much

Everyone goes through a spending spree at least once in their lives, but pay attention if you suspect drug use is the problem. It’s possible your loved one can get a large sum of money and its all gone within the same day. 

Some drugs, such as meth, can cost individuals a lot of money as they are constantly scrounging for how they can pay for their next fix. 

Defensive When Asked About Changes

Another common link to drug addiction is when the person in question gets defensive about any changes in their lifestyle. This includes getting angry about changes in behavior and even acting irrationally when questioned about these differences.

Many people interpret it as someone trying to take their high away, making them feel angry and frustrated. If you suspect that’s the case, speak to a professional about how to handle this situation. 

Hanging Out With People Who Have Substance Problems

Has your child or loved one developed new friends? Normally that’s good, but if you notice they’re acting strange or have problems of their own, it’s important to remain aware of this. 

Chances are if your loved one is around others who have a substance abuse problem, they’re being asked to join in. Get help and talk to them before the issue gets out of hand. 

Learn More

While the signs of drug use vary, there are some themes that are common, such as spending a lot of money or hanging out with a new crowd of people. Spotting these signs and talking to the person you care about can help stop a drug problem before it turns into something worse. 

Stress is one common reason why many people turn to drugs.

Check out this article on ways to get rid of the stress in your life and start feeling happy again. 

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