Books to Teach Your Child Mindfulness

Being mindful means that we process information given to us by external sources before reacting emotionally. It’s a matter of training the brain to control our thoughts and reactions.

There is no creature more susceptible to quick and furious emotional reaction than a child. But you can imagine how difficult teaching such a concept to a little one can be.

Thankfully, other people have done the work for us and have written some amazing books to help teach your child the concept of mindfulness. Each is written in order to illustrate mindful techniques in simple and relative ways – making it easy for children to understand the concept that is being taught.

Mindful Children’s Books

I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness

by Susan Verde

This book follows the journey of small boy who is using mindfulness to navigate through his worrisome thoughts. It is simply written and beautifully illustrated.

“I can watch watch my worries gently pop and disappear. I let things go.”

The book also includes an author’s note on mindfulness as well as a guided meditation for children.

Breathe Like a Bear: 30 Mindful Moments for Kids to Feel Calm and Focused Anytime, Anywhere

by Kira Willey

Author Kira Willey offers 30 easy-to-follow techniques designed to teach children how to manage their bodies, breath and emotions. These practices and movements can be performed anytime and anyplace, making this book the perfect tool for integrating mindfulness into everyday life.

“You can get your grumpies out, be a cloud, stretch like a kitty cat or even invent something brand new in your mind.”

It’s a great book to keep on hand for moments in need of peace and calm.

I Am A Warrior Goddess

by Jennifer Adams

This story of a sweet little redhead not only teaches the importance of everyday actions (and their impact on the world) but also positive self-talk and the benefit of affirmation. On her journey, the heroine engages in self-care and finds strength in kindness.

“The tale of a little girl with big aspirations.”

Never before has the concept of “Girl Power” been so important – and this book teaches that every girl has an inner strength.

ABC Mindful Me

by Christiane Engel

For some reason, children are fascinated by concepts as soon as they are paired with the alphabet. This book takes full advantage of this fascination by presenting key mindfulness tenants by exploring them through the alphabet.

“Joy – Joy is all around you. Find it in the little things and feel the happiness it brings.”

The rhyming patterns are engaging and the illustrations are colourful and fun – making this the perfect book to introduce your little one to the practice of mindfulness.

Belly Breathe

by Leslie Kimmelman

Proven to be a useful tool for relieving tension and improving concentration, belly breathing is a technique that can benefit the whole family!

“Feel your belly move UP…and down.”

The books uses some wonderful animal illustrations to demonstrate different breathing techniques, such as feather breathing and purring breathing.

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