Can CBD Coffee Minimize Caffeine Jitters and Relax Us?

When CBD first became popular, it wasn’t clear if it was just a fad that would disappear as quickly as it arrived.

Spoiler: it didn’t.

Instead, it’s taken off like a rocket ship into space and nowadays you can find CBD in pretty much anything.

Parenthood is hard, and a dose of caffeine can be a godsend to drive some motivation to get on with the day. For most of us, it’s a matter of pressing a button and having our fully automatic coffee maker brew us a fresh cup of joe.

Nonetheless, it can become easy to overstep the line with regular caffeine and feel the effects of consuming too much coffee.

One of the latest trends is infusing it with CBD to help reduce the jitters some of us feel with coffee. It’s becoming so popular that you can even find beans or grounds pre-infused with the compound.

So how does the relationship between CBD and coffee work? Could it be the elixir all parents are looking for?

CBD and the Adverse Effects of Caffeine

CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is known for its variety of therapeutic benefits. The relaxing effects of CBD are very well established and may help reduce the unwanted side effects of caffeine consumption, aka the jitters.

Most of us who drink coffee can relate to its undesirable accompanying effects. It can make us anxious, increase our heart rate and leave us feeling jittery.

It’s unfortunate as these effects mitigate any advantages we may feel from the stimulating effects of caffeine, sometimes making drinking a cup counterproductive.

The Effects of CBD and Coffee

However, there are some advantages to consuming CBD with coffee:

  • Feeling mentally alert: Caffeine binds to adenosine receptors in our body, which temporarily stops us feeling sleepy. CBD increases adenosine levels, but the increased levels of adenosine are left unused until caffeine wears off.
  • Reduce potential feelings of anxiety: CBD is well documented as an anxiolytic, whereas coffee is known for increased anxiety in higher doses. Both used together help provide a counterbalance to each other.

How to Use CBD with Coffee

There are multiple ways to combine CBD with coffee. These include:

  • Adding CBD to bulletproof coffee: Also known as keto coffee. Coffee is called bulletproof when combined with MCT oil and grass-fed butter, where the fat in the oil and butter acts as a slow-burning energy source. Adding a dose of Cannabidiol via a CBD oil tincture is the most popular way to make bulletproof coffee.
  • Buying pre-infused coffee: You can buy beans that have been pre-infused with CBD and brew it like a regular cup. Although, if you’re particular on the origin or type of coffee blend you like, this might not be for you.
  • Consuming separately: This is usually preferred if you’re taking CBD in a non-liquid form but still want CBD with your coffee. You can take an edible or capsule along with your daily coffee.


There are a variety of reasons you might want coffee and in parallel, plenty of reasons to take CBD.

Combining them is only proving more prevalent as we learn more about the potential synergistic properties of these two plant-derived compounds.

For parents, the opportunity to feel more relaxed during the daily stresses of nappy changes and toddler tantrums can only be a good thing, right?

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