What to Do If Your Child is Injured While at Daycare

As a parent, there is no doubt that when choosing the ideal daycare provider you have a very stringent list of must-haves and you do your due diligence.

The daycare will be responsible for the health and wellness of your child while in their care, so it’s not something any parent takes lightly. You need that reassurance that when you drop them off, that they will be okay and well cared for until you return.

So, what happens if the unthinkable happens and you get a phone call from the daycare that your child has been injured while in their care? What should you do?

We’ve got some steps you can follow to ensure the health and well-being of your child is kept a priority:

Is This a Minor or Serious Injury?

The first thing to determine is what kind of injury they have sustained. Is it minor such as a scrape or bruise, or is it something more serious that needs medical attention?

The answer to this question will obviously determine your next steps.

Get Your Child Medical Assistance

If immediate medical assistance is required, that should be the priority. All other steps can wait as their immediate health needs are what matter.

That may mean that it is the daycare operator that is accompanying your child to the hospital or clinic and you can meet them there.

Ask for Details on How the Injury Occurred

Once your child has been stabilized and received care, you can then start to unfold the story. How did the injury occur?

You need to ask for the full details so that you can determine if this was just an accident, or if there was negligence on the daycare’s behalf.

Daycare providers are legally required to provide a reasonable level of care that ensures your child isn’t harmed. Negligence can be explained when that reasonable level of care isn’t met and results in injury for your child.

What If the Daycare Was Negligent?

In getting the details of the incident, you may come to the conclusion that the daycare acted in a negligent way and did not protect the health and well-being of your child.

If that’s the case, it’s best to speak to a lawyer right away so they can go over the details and advise you on whether or not daycare negligence would apply and if you have a potentially valid claim.

If there is in fact a potential claim or case against the daycare, your lawyer will be able to put that claim together and file it on your behalf. They will then deal with all the legal aspects so you can focus on caring for your injured child.

Your lawyer will also be able to determine the level of damages or compensation to ask for, which will be based on medical treatment, suffering, and pain.

Learning that your child has been injured at daycare is enough to instantly send panic through your body, but it’s important to remain calm and follow all the right steps.

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