Eat This Not That: The Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

Certain foods are much better for your teeth than others. Check out this guide to learn about the best foods for healthy teeth.

They say that you are what you eat. But did you know that your favorite foods could ruin your teeth?

Take soda, for instance, which is so acidic that it can weaken your teeth within just 20 minutes of contact.

The good news is that not every food out there is bad for you. Some are downright important for your oral health!

Here are some of the best foods for healthy teeth.


Is there anything more satisfying than the crunch of a good carrot?

Actually, yes — the health benefits!

Carrots are great for your gums. They’re also rich in vitamins that strengthen your enamel and can counteract more harmful foods.

So go ahead and crunch away. Your teeth will thank you.


Coffee is pretty much the only thing that gets some of us through the day. Unfortunately, it’s horrible for your teeth.

Not only can it stain them and give teeth a gross, yellow hue, but it’s so acidic that it can ruin your smile over time.

In truth, tea isn’t without its issues. However, some studies show that certain types of black tea attack harmful bacteria that latch onto your teeth.

Next time you’re looking for a jolt of energy, we’d suggest grabbing a piping hot cup of tea instead of your favorite latte.


Everyone knows that yogurt is a great source of good bacteria that aids digestion. But what you might not have known is that yogurt’s benefits aren’t limited to your gut.

People often forget that yogurt is a wonderful source of calcium, which strengthens bones. That includes your teeth!


Without water, we wouldn’t be here. We’re made of the stuff, after all!

Proper hydration keeps us happy, healthy, and thirst-free. But did you know that water can improve your smile?

Water rids the mouth of bacteria that clings to your teeth and gums. Rinsing with water after meals can help remove food particles stuck between teeth.

Tap water also contains fluoride, a natural mineral that prevents dental decay and strengthens enamel.

Sugarless Gum

Okay, okay, so sugarless gum isn’t even half as tasty as its sugar-filled counterpart. We get your pain.

But trust us, you’re way better off choosing a sugar-free gum.

In addition to aiding saliva production, which gets rid of plaque on teeth, it rids of your mouth of the same nasty bacteria responsible for bad breath.

Of course, sugarless gum isn’t the best option for all snackers. If you currently have corrective orthodontics or are looking to choose between Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces, gum can ruin your brackets.

Talk to your orthodontist about alternatives.

Eat Smarter: Your Guide to Foods for Healthy Teeth

Your diet plays a huge role in the maintenance of healthy teeth. Indulging in the occasional sweet treats or starchy foods from time to time is fine, but making it a habit can put your smile at risk.

Instead, eat these five healthy foods and enjoy a better, brighter smile.

For more info on living your best, healthiest life, keep checking back with our blog!

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