5 Easy Fitness Ideas for the Time-Crunched Mom

Moms have it tough when it comes to time. Between cooking, cleaning, and caring for a family, moms know all too well how to get everything done for everyone else – but by doing this they often forget to take care of themselves.

There is no question that it is hard. Children keep parents on the go and it is difficult to focus on important aspects of life such as self-care, health, and physical fitness.

It’s easy to squeeze in a last-minute dentist appointment or show up without a moment to spare for a class play that was forgotten until the last minute.

The modern Super Mom can always find time to do whatever needs to be done to run a happy home but this full-time job doesn’t allow much time to exercise.

If you are this busy mom, no one will fault you for using your hectic life as an excuse not to exercise, but taking care of your family should also involve taking care of yourself.

Are you ready to prioritize your health? Here are some easy ways you can squeeze fitness into your chaotic life:

1. Use a Calendar

Taking care of yourself with rest and exercise should be one of those things you mark in your calendar and do – so do it! 

Mark your “me time” into your day planner on the dry-erase board. Then go do the physical activities that you enjoy doing such as walking, swimming, biking, yoga, golf, tennis, or going to the gym.

Remove the word “procrastination” from your vocabulary and remember that you are allowed to take care of yourself in order to take care of your family.

2. Take Advantage of Time Pockets

With a hectic schedule, it may not be possible to dedicate huge blocks of time to your fitness – but you don’t have to!

You can easily take advantage of pockets of time that pop up throughout your day. For example, If you’re off work at 4:30 pm and need to pick your little one up at daycare by 5:00 pm, take 20 minutes and go for a walk.

Or, as soon as you get in the morning, throw on a quick 15-minute yoga workout on YouTube.

Fitness and exercise don’t have to involve sweating it out at a gym two hours at a time six days a week. You can easily prioritize your overall health by fitting in exercise whenever you can.

3. Include the Kids

Children learn what they see and including them in your fitness routine is not only a great way to increase how often you exercise but also teaches them an important lesson about physical health.

And it doesn’t matter how old your little one is! Babies can be walked in strollers, toddlers can be pushed in swings, and older kids can go for hikes, ride bikes, and play sports.

Kids of all ages can also partake in dance parties and follow along to yoga videos.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to including your kids in your exercise routine – as are the benefits and advantages.

4. Create a Home Gym

It’s possible that your fitness goals extend beyond walks and general physical activity. If this is the case, you should set up your own home gym.

You don’t need to go out and buy fancy and expensive equipment to make this happen! By investing in a few key pieces, you can easily set up a workout space that will help you reach all of your fitness goals.

For your home gym, consider the following items:

  • Mat
  • Small dumbbell set
  • Yoga ball
  • Resistance bands
  • Doorway chin-up bar

These are all the things you need to create a home gym on the cheap!

5. Start Meal Planning

Sure, we’re talking about exercise here, but a huge part of physical health depends on the foods you eat. You won’t see changes in your overall health if you are not taking the foods you eat into consideration.

Meal planning is such a simple way to ensure you and your family are eating healthy and balanced meals each day while saving you time when it comes to preparing and cooking them (the meals, not your family).

Start by planning what you want to have for your main meal each day. Consider the possibility of using leftovers for lunches or as a part of other meals.

You can also prepare your meals ahead of time and freeze them! In the morning, haul the meal out of the freezer and it’s all ready to cook!

You Got This, Mama!

There is no shame in making your health a priority – especially since a healthy mama means a healthy family!

Follow these tips to include fitness and exercise in your busy mom life.

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