Hair Filler: The Secret Solution for Thinning Hair

During a lifetime our hair faces a lot of challenges such as, styling, stress, changing diets, coloring treatments and many more.

These various factors have an influence on hair health and eventually our self esteem.

Thinning, weak hair becomes hard to manage and becomes brittles. It seems like it is all going downhill from there.

But not just yet! We have a secret solution for a thinning hair problem and it is a hair filler spray:

Why is My Hair Thinning? 

Before getting to a solution it is important to understand the root of a problem that will help to find best solutions faster.

It is actually normal to lose 50-100 hairs a day but if you currently noticed losing chunks of hair, keep on reading and see what causes may apply to you:

Frequent Hair Treatments

Every time you leave a salon your hair looks great but in a long run, treatments such as coloring, bleaching, permanently straightening or curling can cause damage.

This also applies to any other hair treatment that involves harsh chemicals or extreme heat.

Better give your hair frequent trims instead.

Harsh Hair Products

Using hair care products that contain harsh ingredients can become a reason for hair thinning.

Try to avoid extreme hair sprays or temporary color products or any products that contain alcohol and rough sulfates. 

Poor Diet 

If your diet lacks iron, folic acids or minerals you will never achieve voluminous and shiny hair.

These elements help follicles to grow new, healthy hair and are necessary in a nutritious meal

Uncontrollable Stress

This factor highly depends on your daily habits and practices. Experiencing stress can influence a growth of new hair.

So try to find time during the day to stop and meditate, do yoga, breathing exercises or anything that helps you to control emotions and relieve stress. 

How to Treat Thinning Hair

First and foremost, try to avoid all the thinning hair factors we mentioned above.

If you are already doing that and are still striving for voluminous, thick hair normally, a solution to a thinning hair problem would be a medical or clinical approach with pills and needles. 

But not necessarily! Hair filler is a product, or combination of few products that lifts up strands from a root, gives volume and enhances hair growth within a few washes.

Look for hair fillers that contain a natural complex of hyaluronic acid, aloe extract bio and cotton oil. These elements deeply saturates the hair shaft,  stimulates healthy hair growth, deeply nourishes and thickens hair. 


Thinning hair can become a serious confidence problem but there is no reason to worry about it.

With a few changes in daily habits, new healthier diet and our secret product you will overcome this issue in no time.

Stay healthy, positive and show off that bouncy volume in your hair.

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