The Best Natural (Holistic) Pain Relief for Your Family’s Furry Friend

Is your kitty cat in pain but can’t take them to the vet? Or, you’d rather avoid prescription meds? Try these solutions as a natural pain relief for cats.

When you notice your furry member of the family member is in pain, you will want to do everything you can to ease their pain.

In most cases, cats try to hide their pain as a survival mechanism, but you will notice their discomfort, withdrawal or even limping symptoms. Sometimes, they become aggressive when touched or may either groom a specific area more to ease its pain. Pain can be from an obvious injury or after a surgical procedure.

The use of holistic therapies and alternative medicine for cats is becoming popular in the US as pain management options. Some medical conditions in pets can be cured or improved through the natural approach like the use of clinical nutritional diet, acupuncture, bodywork like massages and natural herbs.

Is your kitty cat in pain but can’t take them to the vet? Or, you’d rather avoid prescription medication? Try these solutions as a natural pain relief for cats.

Nutritional Therapy

Proper nutrition improves many medical problems in cats. Use of nutritional supplements and vitamins also improves cat health and strengthen its immune system.

After a surgical procedure or even in cancer treatment; nutrition, vitamins, and natural supplements aid in fast recovery as the minerals contained are essential in rebuilding broken body tissues. Consult a holistic veterinarian and know more about the nutrition therapies.

Herbals For Cats

These may be helpful in treating heart and circulatory issues, joint conditions, digestive conditions, and some immune system problems. Before using this method of treatment, consult a botanical specialist as some herbs may be toxic to your cat.

Essential Oils as Natural Pain Relief for Cats

This mode of treatment is becoming popular as some cat owners feel that the essential oils could ease the cat’s pain as it helps them. However, it’s important to be extra careful with some essential oils that are quite concentrated since cats are sensitive to many compounds.

Acupuncture For Cats

This is an ancient Asian therapy where the practitioner inserts small needles in precise points of the cat’s body. The painless insertions often offer relief to the cat by sending signals through the nervous system to the brain.

Acupuncture treatment promotes fast healing in less pain for cat arthritis or chronic diseases. It’s safe to use along with other treatments and medications.

CBD For Pets

When your cat is stressed or not sleeping well you can shop for pet CBD treatment. This is a natural supplement with no serious side effects and has plenty of health benefits.

Feline Massage

A gentle massage offers comfort and can help soothe you cat’s pain and ease its anxiety. This action is recommended for the aging animals that may be losing their eyesight or experiencing hearing loss. Without asserting too much pressure hold the muscles group of the cat with your hand and stroke its head for stress relief.

Ease Pain the Holistic Way

There are numerous alternatives, contemporary, and natural pain relief for cats as treatment options. When opting for these natural treatments, research thoroughly on their use and consult your vet on their safety.

To avoid potential side effects, do not overuse or overmedicate these treatment options but you can use a variety of non-drug complimentary therapies that are most effective for your cat.

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