Treatment with CBD Oil: Is It Halal?

According to the Islamic Sharia, the terminology ‘Halal’ refers to everything that is permitted, be it food or any activity.

If anything is forbidden from use or consumption, then it is called ‘Haram’.

These two terminologies are used by those of Muslim faith around the world across a broad spectrum. They categorize everything in life, including consumer items, dress code, social activities, and personal relationships.

Every Muslim follows these restrictions to a certain degree. Almost all schools of thought agree that anything which negatively affects the mind is Haram, like alcohol, narcotics, etc.

That is precisely why many Muslims were apprehensive about the usage of CBD when it first came into the market. They are unsure if CBD is Halal.

Here we expunge all myths and clarify why CBD is not a narcotic and why is it Halal!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, which is an extract taken from the cannabis plant. Cannabis is famous around the world as a recreational drug.

However, not everything in its plant is narcotic in nature. Cannabidiol is extracted from the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant.

It is frequently used as a supplement in well-balanced diet regimens and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

You can take CBD oil as oil drops under the tongue. It also comes in several other varieties, like drinks, creams, pills, etc. It can help manage anxiety, stress, nausea, and minor pain.

CBD Oil is Not Intoxicating

The cannabis plant is not wholly composed of psychedelic elements. The specific compound that creates a ‘High’ sensation when using cannabis is called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

However, CBD oil contains zero or minimal amounts of THC. That’s why it doesn’t have an intoxicating effect on the consumer.

Cannabis is illegal for recreational use, but CBD oil is perfectly legal to use in many countries. Some users claim that CBD oil induces a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

That’s the reason many users choose it as a stress relief agent.

CBD Oil is Halal

Since CBD oil does not have psychedelic elements, it is perfectly fine to use.

The majority of certified Muslim scholars consider it Halal because it is an organic plant extract. It will not cause any intoxication effect because it does not contain THC.

Its use is equated to Lavender, another Halal plant extract.

Full-spectrum CBD oil may contain minimal traces of THC. Even then it is considered halal because the quantities of THC are negligible.

Even cough medicine includes a higher percentage of alcohol, and it is perfectly legal from the perspective of Islamic sharia.

The same principle applies to CBD oil.

Haram Products of CBD

CBD comes in many different forms, making it difficult to categorize them in Halal and Haram terms. It is better if you individually check the contents of every CBD product you intend to use.

CBD gummy bears are made from Gelatine. While CBD itself is Halal, the Gelatine is not. It is made from animal matter, such as pork, making it strictly forbidden for Muslims.

Make sure to check the ingredients before using a CBD product to ensure it carries nothing Haram.

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