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Marriage Abolition

The Abolition of Marriage: How We Destroy Lasting Love by Maggie Gallagher

This is a defense of traditional marriage. Ms. Gallagher outlines many of the destructive results modern trends have brought to bear on marriages and families. She argues against the  “no fault” divorce laws.

Gallagher writes, "Part of the relative instability of two-career couples may be due to self-selection: Wives with less traditional attitudes may be more likely to both work full time and divorce. But there is another explanation that has been mostly ignored: Full-time working women, especially women who are working against their wishes, may be more prone to divorce because they get less from marriage."

Gallagher points out that many women choose career over home out of fear, not necessity or ambition. 


She continues "A woman at home, (part or full time) who chooses divorce must give up her entire way of life. By contrast, a wife who works full time and divorces can simply continue to do what she is doing anyway. Life may get a little harder–or even a lot harder–but for a wife with a full-time job, a change in her marital status does not seem to entail a radical transformation of her day-to-day lifestyle."

The author defends traditional marriage based upon the impact family breakup has on children

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