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Yourself Fitness Review with Personal Trainer

Yourself Fitness is the personal fitnesstrainer you have always wanted!

CD Review by Rob McLean

Yourself Fitness

by "Maya"

This is as much like having a personal fitness trainer come into your home as you can get, complete with meal planner and recipes, your choice of music and focus, tutorial, and progress report.

When it says this is like having a personal trainer, it is true–or at least as much as a "non-human" can create an one-on-one feeling.

You choose:

  • Music.

  • Mood.
  • Focus: Weight loss, lower body, core, upper body, cardio, flexibility.

After completing the strength and flexibility tests, you add your:

  • age.
  • height.
  • gender.
  • weight.

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"Maya" will use this information to plan your workout while:

1. Helping you choose your goals.

2. Completing a varied workout from 500 different exercises.

3. Keeping track of this information for each workout

4. Modifying the long-term fitness program to match your performance over time.

5. Recommending a weekly meal plan complete with recipes, preparation instructions, shopping lists, and over 4500 recipes, with your input and preferences, of course.

6. Giving you a progress report and graph at the end of each session.

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"Maya" (a female) offers a tutorial insert that explains each step in detail with the help of an animated model. You can control both the camera and speed to focus on the part of the move that is difficult for you. Once you understand, simply return to the workout and Maya will pick up where you left off.

Really, this is good–it even includes a yoga workout. In fact, I don’t believe Oprah ever had it this good!

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