Dvd Yoga Urban Living

Yoga for Urban Living

Yoga DVD that combines three videos fromHemalaya Behl: Morning Quickie, Daily Connection, and Evening Bath.

DVD Review by DH Owens

Yoga for Urban Living

by Hemalaya Behl

This combines all the reasons people do yoga–meditation, breath work, postures, relaxation.It is good for beginner, intermediate, and advanced yoga students..

It is true that people do yoga for different reasons: meditation, breath work, postures, relaxation. This combines them all.

It also combines three videos by Hemalaya Behl into one DVD:

  • Morning Quickie to invigorate you for the day.

  • Daily Connection to connect body, mind, and soul.

  • Evening Bath for deep relaxation in the evening.

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Beginner: You can use it as a beginner by paying attention to the instruction segment which demonstrates the poses separately and working into the 60 minute segment gradually. This way you learn yoga with one tape or DVD.

Intermediate: This is wonderful as an intermediate yoga DVD.

Advanced: You will appreciate the production quality and the morning and evening workouts.

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The only occasional glitch is with the cueing but that is a minor problem easily overridden by the quality of the yoga routines.

I have been doing yoga since college and use many, many books, videos, teachers, etc. This offers depth in many aspects of yoga and it is the most complete yoga instruction I have seen.

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