Is It Okay to Be Feminine? Being a Woman in Today’s World

Have you noticed how the word “feminine” is often used in a way that leaves a bad taste in your mouth?

In an effort to bring about equality between men and women, it seems that being feminine is now a “bad” thing that is frowned upon – if you’re looking to find status in the world as a woman compared to a man, why are you wearing bright red lipstick?

This all comes from the idea that gender equality means having women act more like men to receive the same treatment as men.

How fair does that sound?

Not very.

The truth is, it’s perfectly okay to be a feminine woman! Being feminine is all about embracing your natural traits and energy – and men can do this too.

What is Femininity (And How is it Different From Feminism)?

Before we get into being a feminine woman in today’s world, it’s important that we discuss what femininity is and how it differs from feminism.

Feminists are individuals of all genders that believe in female empowerment and gender equality, such as equal pay and equal rights.

They challenge societal issues such as rape culture, body image, bodily autonomy, and other challenges faced by women.

However, they can do so while being feminine!

Being feminine means tapping into and embracing your feminine energy and qualities. You can fight the patriarchy while wearing makeup and high heels!

Many women are afraid to embrace their femininity because of the negative associations made with it in our society – but it’s important to recognize that feminine traits are human traits we all have a right to express them as we wish.

Even men!

In today’s world, it’s necessary to redefine what femininity is so that women and men can express themselves fully without fear of being stereotyped or mislabeled.

Femininity means defining your own standards and rules and being celebrated for who you are as a person!

How Does Our Culture Devalue Femininity?

When it comes to being a woman and having equal rights, we are not out of the woods yet!

Today, our society still devalues femininity – mostly because there is a gross misunderstanding of what being feminine means.

Here are some (not okay) ways that our culture devalues femininity:

Kindness = Weakness

Being kind is a traditional trait of femininity, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The problem occurs when kindness is labeled as “weakness,” and those who are nice are seen as pushovers.

This comes from the idea that being masculine means being strong, and since masculinity is the opposite of femininity, being feminine must mean being weak.

In reality, kindness is a reflection of maturity, compassion, and wisdom!

Using “Like a Girl” as an Insult

In today’s society, it is still considered an insult if you do something “like a girl” – insinuating that you are not doing it well or doing it weakly.

It’s hard to develop self-esteem as a young girl when “girly” is thrown around as an insult.

And, since we’re talking about words, think about the terms “lady-like” and “man up.”

The feminine term implies doing something carefully and daintily, while the other denotes completing a task with strength and confidence.

Words matter!

Assuming You Have to be Masculine to be Successful

Even in today’s culture, a woman is expected to “act like a man” in order to find success – especially when it comes to their career.

Strong and tough women are praised for their leadership qualities but constantly warned not to be too emotional or sensitive, or they may fail.

Little girls are, for the most part, taught that women can be anything. However, what they aren’t taught is that people who dress, think or act in a traditionally feminine manner can be anything. – Anne Thériault

How to Be More Feminine

While you can easily wear dresses, heels, and makeup to feel more feminine (which is perfectly okay!), this article is going to look at how you can exude more feminine energy.

Feminine energy refers to specific traits associated with expression and creativity. Even though we define these traits as “feminine,” they are not restricted only to women; anyone can have a combination of feminine and masculine traits!

Knowing this, here are some ways that you can tap into your feminine energy and be more feminine:

1. Listen to Your Mind

In our busy world, losing touch with what is going on in your mind can be easy, which can lead to losing touch with your deeper self.

Take time to connect with who you are. You can meditate, write in a journal, or go for a walk to help your sort out your thoughts and reflect.

2. Feed Your Creativity

Again, femininity is a creative force; you can tap into your feminine side by nurturing your creativity. This can involve writing, drawing, painting, dancing, or even coming up with new ideas.

3. Tune in to Your Emotional Process

Feminine energy is also emotional, so it’s important to know how to understand your feelings. This is known as emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence involves understanding how you feel and learning how to process your emotions so you can respond in constructive ways.

4. Be Fun and Spontaneous!

When you think about feminine and masculine as energies (and not just “gender” traits), it makes sense that overworked women are over-masculinized and therefore miss out on the playful side of life.

Don’t wait until your next vacation to have fun and play. Try to do something spontaneous and fun every day, even if it’s doing yoga, going for a drive, or reading a book.

Why Men Should Embrace Their Femininity Too

As more and more women come into their own definition of femininity, perhaps it’s time to ditch the “real man” myth hindering men’s growth and development in our society.

You know what I’m talking about: The man who cries is too sensitive and weak. Men need to be aggressive and controlling in order to prove their masculinity.

Gender doesn’t involve a clear-cut division between masculine and feminine. No matter our gender, we all possess traits of each, and there is nothing wrong with tapping into both energies.

Masculinity and femininity are not opposites, and there is no need to “balance” these energies. A man can be a manly man but possess empathetic and understanding qualities.

Just as women are fighting to redefine femininity as something that is not weak, men also need to turn around the definition of masculinity and remove the “toxic” we’ve seen buzzing around for the past few years.

In order to do this, men must begin to embrace their femininity and reshape society’s expectations of what it is to be a man.

Once “toxic masculinity” is no longer the “norm,” men and women can begin to live in harmony by excepting the existence of their masculine and feminine energy.

Being a Woman in Today’s World

The harsh truth is, yes, it is difficult to be a woman in today’s world.

But in order to gain true equality among humankind, we need to start embracing the natural feminine traits we possess and feeling comfortable with who we are.

It’s time to show the world that femininity is a good thing, and we can easily progress when both genders accept and love both their masculine and feminine energies.

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