The 20 Best Lifestyle Blogs for Women and Moms (For Advice and Inspiration!)

It seems that blogs focused on women and moms have exploded in the past few years! If you’re looking for ways to stay inspired and make the most out of your life, lifestyle blogs are the way to go.

From travel ideas to home decor, parenting advice to recipes, lifestyle blogs offer a ton of useful information to help women and moms stay up-to-date on current trends while providing an amazing sense of community.

Not only can you gain insightful information from the articles but reading through comments and adding your own can create a wonderful sense of connection with other women.

Are you interested in checking out some lifestyle blogs for women and moms? Here are 20 of the best:

1. Beauty Through Imperfection

Topic: Motherhood/Budgeting

Beauty Through Imperfection is a mom lifestyle blog that focuses on motherhood, marriage, birth, and parenting skills. It also offers advice and information about budgeting. The stories on this blog are open and honest and the articles have a light-hearted way of not taking parenthood too seriously.

2. A Cup of Jo

Topic: Motherhood/Fashion

This fashionable mom lifestyle blog is run by a skilled journalist who has written for magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour. Not only does it feature fashion advice but also honest insight into motherhood, travel, relationships, and dating.

3. Design Mom

Topic: Home Decor/DIY

Design Mom focuses on topics such as home, housekeeping, and decor. While you may not ever have a Pinterest-worthy home, you’ll definitely find ideas when it comes to maximizing your space! These posts will inspire you when it comes to not only home decor but also DIY and craft ideas, travel, fashion, food, and parenting.

4. Clean Mama

Topic: Motherhood/Home Organization

If you’re looking for organization and cleaning hacks, you definitely need to check out Clean Mama. There’s a lot of information here about balancing housework with family life and includes tons of free downloads including printable checklists, to-do lists, and cleaning challenges! You can even find super simple recipes for making your own cleaning products.

5. Happy Hooligans

Topic: Kids’ DIY/Kid’s Crafts

Happy Hooligans is a mom lifestyle blog that focuses on DIYs and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers. Here you’ll find tons of activities you can do with your kiddos from painting techniques to season-themed crafts. There’s also an entire section on outdoor activities as well as parenting advice.

6. Eat Move Make

Topic: Motherhood/DIY/Fitness

Eat Move Make is a great blog for moms of children who are in their teens or older. You’ll find information about parenting, home decor, food, fitness, travel, and beauty. This amazing mix of topics caters to moms from all walks of life!

7. The Pioneer Woman

Topic: Recipes/Home Decor/Style

Although The Pioneer Woman is best known for her recipes and amazingly gorgeous kitchenware, this site also includes home decor tips and style advice. Maybe you’re looking to live with a pioneer woman or simply need some inspiration for your lifestyle – this blog has it all!

8. The EveryGirl

Topic: Finances/Health/Travel

While you may shy away from travel or style blogs because it’s not your thing, The EveryGirl is guaranteed to provide inspiration in your life! This site does include fashion but also gives advice when it comes to finances and health. Their content is relatable with a fun and quirky vibe.

9. Well + Good

Topic: Relationships/Health

Well + Good is a lifestyle blog that focuses more on building healthy relationships across all aspects of your life. Topics include exercise, nutrition, finance, career, and more. This is a great blog for inspiration when it comes to getting in shape and having a positive mindset.

10. Classy Career Girl

Topic: Career/Business

Are you looking for a way to get ahead in your career? Or starting your own business? Classy Career Girl features podcasts, classes, and helpful articles dedicated to helping women struggling in the workplace or looking to become business owners.


Topic: Motherhood/Life Advice is a site designed for moms but recognizes that mothers are women as well. It features articles by parents from all stages of life while offering advice for women in general.

12. Filter Free Parents

Topic: Parenthood

Filter Free Parents is not your typical mommy lifestyle blog. Articles are written by a variety of contributors who give it straight when it comes to parenthood. They say it all in their tagline: “Because Parenting is Hard AF”.

13. Smart Mom Ideas

Topic: Motherhood

Smart Mom Ideas is full of just that: smart ideas for moms! This is another contributor blog where moms and women share their advice and struggles on a wide range of topics including pregnancy, breastfeeding, money, kids, and food.

14. Pregnant Chicken

Topic: Motherhood/Pregnancy

With a name like Pregnant Chicken, you know this lifestyle blog is going to be fun! With a humorous twist, this lighter reading material is informational and inspirational. Guaranteed you will relate to the content while also having a good laugh.

15. Free-Range Kids

Topic: Motherhood

Are you a helicopter parent? Then this lifestyle blog is for you! While there are some benefits to being a helicopter mom, there’s no reason to live your life as a worrywart. Free-Range Kids will help you find ways to keep your kiddos safe while raising self-reliant children.

16. Tech Savvy Mama

Topic: Motherhood/Technology

If you’re worried about the impact that technology may have on your little own, this blog is a must-read! On Tech Savvy Mama, you’ll find product reviews, social media safety tips, and help with making sure your child’s screen time is appropriate and healthy.

17. The Financial Diet

Topic: Finances

The Financial Diet focuses on personal finance, sharing general financial advice as well as personal stories and real-life situations. Written for millennial women, this blog is fantastic whether you have your finances under control or need to improve your financial diet.

18. The Blonde Abroad

Topic: Travel

If your sense of wanderlust has you looking for a travel blog, check out The Blonde Abroad. This solo female traveler shares advice on travel planning as well as inspiration. Even if you can’t hop on a plane and see the world, this blog brings the world to you!

19. A Girl in Progress

Topic: Personal Development/Health

Just as the name implies, A Girl in Progress is a lifestyle blog for women that focuses on personal development. Here you’ll find advice on mental health, fitness, career, and finances as well as some occasional articles on fashion and beauty.

20. Redefining Mom

Topic: Career/Business

Are you a mom looking to start your own business? Redefining Mom features a ton of resources for mompreneurs as well as advice on maintaining a work-life balance, blogging, motherhood, and starting your own business.

There You Go!

Whether you are a mom or not, there are some amazing lifestyle blogs here where you can find advice and inspiration!

What’s your go-to lifestyle blog? Share the link in the comments below!

And don’t forget to check out our other articles for women!

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