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Review Video VHS: The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women

Dancing sexy for your lover or husband inthe privacy of your own home.

Video Review by Nancy Sloan

The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women

Exotic and sexy dancing in the privacy of your own home.

Certainly I am an everyday woman and certainly I did enjoy learning thisform of dance, despite the fact that I was born with two left feet. If you are abeginning dancer, though, allow time to learn the moves before offering asensual dance to your lover.

First, this is a video to teach you basic body movements that are adaptable to many types of music anddance styles. It is not a dance routine in itself but rather teaches you sexy moves that you can incorporate into your ownroutines such as hip rolls, sexy walks, and floor work. It also gives you theconfidence to use the movements in a seductive and playful manner that willbring excitement into any relationship.

Second, it is a workout routine that will have your muscles screaming.

Third, this video will help the average woman learn to let her guard downand build her sensuality and self expression up. You will learn to maintain eyecontact and use sensual body language gracefully, regardless of your body typeor fitness level.

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Last, but not least, it will delight your lover.

The goal of the video is to promote sensual dancing in the privacy of yourown home, not dancing for groups of people in a club. However, it couldcertainly be adapted by a single woman to attract a special person at anyclub.

There is no nudity. The women wear workout clothing and the strip teaseuses an oversized man’s shirt. Consequently, the tape is sexy without beingbitchy–even while teaching you how to touch yourself as you dance and how totease your partner.

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I particularly liked the fact that it is taught with real women of different ages, sizes,shapes, and weight. That gave me the self-esteem I needed to dance sexy, too.

After viewing and participating a few times, I found myself wishing formore instructions and less testimonials, but overall it was more than superb fora novice like me. I think the average woman will love this concept and so willher partner!

In the final analysis, this video gave me the confidence to act like asexy woman. That in itself, with or without dancing, did wonders for mymarriage.

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