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About CyberParent

Online since 1997, Cyberparent.com is one of the oldest, and ‘original’ sites on the web to cover the topics of parenting, family, relationships, health, home, and beyond! Our site contains 1000’s of articles written by health professionals and casual freelancers and over the last 20 years, and has garnered the attention and mention of websites such as:

  • Babycenter.com
  • Loveshack.org
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Kidshealth.org
  • Cafemom.com
  • Bodybuilding.com
  • Penn State University (psu.edu)
  • About.com
  • Plymouth University (plymouth.edu)
  • Catholic.com
  • Goodreads.com
  • Menshealth.com
  • Ehow.com

As such, our website is considered highly authoritative. If you want your content noticed, keep reading!

Writing for CyberParent – Overview:

The main goal of Cyber Parent is to provide interesting, beneficial and detailed posts that show and teach our audience something important about parenting, family, relationships, health, home, and beyond. We also may accept any other topics that are related to well being. Ultimately, we are only interested in publishing content from individuals or organizations that we think will benefit the CyberParent community and our readership.

Our publishing requirements – Details:

The Content of your written work:

  • The content should be about parenting, family, relationships, health, home or other wellness-related topics.
  • The content must be unique & original. We will not accept content published elsewhere, nor will we accept low quality ‘spun’ content. Please don’t waste your time or ours here.
  • While you are free to link to or reference 3rd party websites, we do not accept advertorial posts, posts with deliberate anchor text, or those with the clear intention of furnishing a link to a 3rd party website.
  • The content should be minimum 500 words, and should include images, infographics, rich media, and other content types that enrich the message of the content
  • All content must be helpful and provide value to our audience!

Getting Started:

Below you can send a list of 1 – 5 topics to give us a sense of what you have in mind. You can also link to any of your previously published works and give us your bio. We’ll do our best to will give you an answer within 48hrs. Ready to get writing? Submit below: FIRST TIME writing for us? Click here to start the approval process. If you are a REPEAT WRITER, Click here to fill out a separate form.