You: The Center of the Universe

Me, myself, and I: the center of the universe.

You: TheCenter of the Universe

Negativity Is this you? Recognizing yourself here isthe first step to changing the negative to the positive in your life. You may fit severalcategories of negativity. Most of us do!

Procrastinating Again? Who,me? We all procrastinate. And here is how we do it.

Procrastination Threesteps to stop procrastinating.

Single and…Doing something about your life.

Loneliness Do something about loneliness in your life.

HappyFace It works to put on a"Happy Face!"

MagicPill Hypnosis is like a"magic pill."

Scents and Fragrances How to make them say "you."

IShould But I Can’t Thosefive words can make you a victim. Probably no word can cause you to feel more guilt thanthe word "should."

Leanand Mean Wardrobe How to clearout the clutter in your closet.

Suntan Yes! There is a safe way to tan. Protect yourskin and get a healthy, glowing, non-aging tanned look with a tanning lotion. Have summertans the safe and healthy way with tanning preparations rather than sunshine.

Depression Are you depressed. Symptoms of depression defined.

Organized:It’s true. Possessions are like rabbits. Theymultiply in the dark. Yet, ridding yourself of possessions actually simplifies your life.By eliminating the possession shuffle, your home seems more spacious and you have freetime for fun, family, friends and even dating if you are single like I am. Start by gathering your possessions. Then store them. Now all you have to do is maintain order. That’s the hard part!

HelpIf you just moved to a southern state from "upnorth," you need some help. Be assured you can live here the rest of your life andnever really fit in. You can groom your children’s children to fit in, however, if youstart early.

Panic Disorder:It’s signs and symptoms.

Guns and Family Safety: What’s the answer?

Tips for Living Lunchbox Notes Dating/Meeting for Singles

Beauty Happy Love Math/Science Fun for Kids Stay in Touch with Kids/Grandkids

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