Gather your possessions to get organized.

Organization is easy with the bachelor plan. It all startswith those ten-gallon tote bins for sorting. All organizing is done when the mood strikesyou.

Let’s Get Organized! The Three-Step Bachelor Plan Step One: Gathering

By David Mitchell It’s true. Possessions are like rabbits. They multiply in the dark. Prove it to yourself. Leave the door to your coat closet closed all summer. You’ll be amazed to find it bulging with junk next fall. Ridding yourself of possessions actually simplifies your life. By eliminating the possession shuffle, your home seems more spacious and you have free time for fun, family, friends and even dating if you are single like I am.

Some relentless sorting, organizing, and discarding can bring order to your "stuff." Stuff that is now stacked on every flat surface and bulging out of every closet and cabinet you own.

Organization is easy with the "bachelor" plan. It all starts with bins for sorting. The organizing is done when the mood strikes you. Gathering

Go to a discount store and buy six 10 gallon tote boxes or bins–the plastic ones with covers. They are cheap, stackable, and reusable. I bought several colors so I would know at a glance what was in them.

Label by the eventual fate of the bin:

  • Charity
  • Garbage
  • File
  • Kids
  • Other Room
  • Unknown

Take one room at a time and go through your house: closet by closet, cabinet by cabinet, drawer by drawer, actually thinking about your possessions.

Try to put all clutter and out-of-place items in those containers.

Toss more items than you keep. Be hard-hearted and merciless!

I was a mess!

If you are like I was, you’ll find your divorce papers in your sock drawer. Place it in your "File" bin.

Then you’ll discover your socks in your desk. Place them in your "Other Room" bin.

When you have gone through every room, you’ll be amazed at the space left in your home when you finish.

You’ll also be amazed at the size of your bins.

The Garbage and Charity bins are easy to eliminate. The rest can be stacked in your now empty coat closet until a rainy day.

That rainy day is when you will organize your storage and decide the fate of the items in your bins.

After possessions are gathered, they must be stored.

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