Magic Pill

By Ruth LaRue

Did you ever wish you could take a magic pill and erase your bad habits like

  • Baby Ruths
  • Shyness
  • Smoking
  • Fears
  • More?

You’re a good candidate for hypnosis!! Although it’s not a magic pill, hypnosis is a way to reprogram emotional attitudes and reactions, including all your bad habits and your lifetime attitudes.

Hypnosis is an education-communication process that allows a person’s conscious and subconscious minds to believe the same message.

The subconscious has no interpretative powers and accepts things as "black or white–no grays or maybes." When hypnotic suggestions bypass the intellectual, conscious mind, they can be accepted as a new reality by the subconscious mind. Almost anyone can be hypnotized.

A person who is not a naturally responsive subject can improve his/her receptivity with practice. However, hypnosis only occurs with your consent. There are no "mad-scientist types" who can hypnotize you against your will.

Does it work? Only when you want it to work.

Although some suggestions stay with individuals indefinitely, most need reinforcement with self hypnosis or tapes. So 90% of the effort is yours if the results are to be permanent.

Hypnosis can be used to improve the lives of most people, including yours. As long as you are "ready, willing, and able" and do not expect effortless miracles, hypnosis can be used to reprogram your bad habits and attitudes.

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