Maintain your organized storage.

After you have gathered your possessions and organized theirstorage, you must maintain this organization. Again, maintenance is done when the moodstrikes.

Let’s Get Organized! The Three-Step Bachelor Plan Step Three: Maintaining

By David Mitchell

Continued from Storing You have gathered your possessions into six tote bins. They have all been sorted and stored. The empty bins have been stacked in the garage, coat closet, or kid’s room. They now make great containers for

  • Camping equipment
  • Toy box
  • Christmas tree decorations
  • Storage of wrapping paper
  • Dirty clothes

Now all you need to do is maintain your storage. For me this was the hardest part.

After you have gathered your possessions and organized their storage, you must maintain this organization. Again, maintenance is done when the mood strikes. Maintaining

Everyday the junk adds up, trashing your storage system and your home. But I have learned it is possible to keep it more-or-less clutter-free.

Once you are organized, maintain your clutter-free existence by buying a few decorative catch-alls for junque.

I use wicker baskets because they are inexpensive and fit my (any) decor.

I bought different sizes: larger ones that fit under tables for things like magazines and newspapers and smaller ones to sit on table tops or counters for mail and other daily junque. Every room has an accessible basket or two.

I throw things in these baskets each week. I try to sort one out each week-end, depending on the level of overflow. It takes about ten minutes to sort one.

Really, about 30 minutes to an hour each week will do all my catch-alls but I am never that organized.

Try it!

If a messy, helpless, and lazy bachelor like me can do it, you can do it, too!

You’ll quickly grow to like those empty spaces. Ditto the items that don’t fall on your head when you open the closet door. Tips for Living Lunchbox Notes Dating/Meeting for Singles

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