Start spring cleaning in your closet.

Spring cleaning is starting in your closet to give you a leanand mean wardrobe.

Spring Cleaning

Lean and Mean Wardrobe Go thru your closet. Pull out everything that

No longer fits you.
Needs all but the most simple repair. You absolutely despise. Was an unfortunate gift from Aunt Sally. Looks "funny" to you. Hasn’t been worn in two years. Is old but sentimental like your sorority or letter sweater.

This includes the shirt that is your absolute, all-time favorite but is now in shreds.

You can do this because you are not going to throw this away. You are going to put it away for another time.

Now, just place these clothes in a box or two. Maybe even the kind that fits under the bed.

What you have left is the beginning of an excellent wardrobe.

A lean and mean wardrobe!

When you start on your wardrobe, you may remember the near buttonless shirt that would fit right in with your new slacks.

Go get it.

But that’s all you take out. Just the one shirt.

Whatever is still in the box by next season can go to your local thrift store. Or leave it there two years if you need that warm, fuzzy feeling of string saving. But eventually it will be gone.

In the meantime, your closet and your everyday life are free of clutter. Tips for Living Lunchbox Notes Dating/Meeting for Singles

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