Family Photos and Ancestors: The Family Tree

Family photos are precious memories for the families’ concerned. Yet they do stack up, especially as the generations roll by.

Great-Grandma Susan, Great-Great Grandpa Tom, Grandma’s Cousin Katie, Grandpa’s Aunt Jennie, Uncle What’s His Name.

Families have precious memories preserved in the family photos. Add to the fascination of generations gone by with a family and ancestor album.

They probably don’t have much meaning to your children and may not have much meaning to you. In fact, photos are usually only interesting for a generation or two–then they loose fascination unless…

Yet, you have these photos and remember a story or town about Grandpa Tom–the one who walked from Ohio to Texas, then walked back to get his family.

How can you organize these photos to have some meaning to your family.

Actually it is easy now.

1. Scan them into your computer.

2. Make a CD of the pictures.

3. Take the CD to a place who makes digital photos.

4. Have a copy made for each member of the family.

5. Call the older members of your family.

6. Ask them for stories they remember. If they won’t write them for you, you write all the different stories.

7. Print the stories.

8. Combine the stories and old photos and make a scrapbook for each of your kids.

9. Include a family tree if you can.

10 Add to it each Christmas or other gift-giving occasion.

Don’t just tell the good stories–tell a few about the black sheep of the family, too. They make life interesting.

That’s it–not easy but fun for the family and a rewarding project that can be passed along to the next generation.

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