Chemistry and infatuation in romantic love and marriage.

Infatuation, romantic love, and chemistry areessentially the same. All romantic love wanes. This causes a power struggle between loversor love/lust junkies leave their relationships altogether. Marriage is about reciprocity,compromise, and power not bliss and fantasy. Relationships, love and marriage.

Love &Relationships

Intimacy There is an intimacy much stronger than sex.Yet bedroom intimacy is the only kind of intimacy some couples have or can relate to in arelationship.

Setting Limits inRelationships All relationships, even those with people we love andcherish, need limits if for no other reason than because we care for them and therelationship.

Is it Infatuation, Romantic Love, or Chemistry? Chemistry and Infatuation in Romantic Loveand Marriage: Romantic love is blinded by infatuation or chemistry.It ends when anticipations become expectations. Chemistry fuels romantic love andinfatuation with actual chemicals in our brains. Infatuation is a chemical high!

Is your true love a Lust Junkie?Lust junkies are addicted to the chemistry of love. As love’schemicals wane, love junkies leave relationship of search of chemical lust"highs."

Will your love eventually dissolve into a Power Struggle?As chemistry wanes, love relationships enter a phase of powerstruggles. Power struggles are a natural part of relationships and love.

Marriage: Wedded Bliss and Fantasy Island vsReciprocity and Power.Is marriage bliss and fantasy or reciprocity, compromise and power? Will the realmarriage please stand up!

Marry for Yourself! Infirst marriages, people often marry to please their parents or friends. They marry theperson they love the most who also pleases their family and friends. In secondmarriages, people are often concerned with pleasing their children (even their grownchildren) instead of their family and friends.

Intimate: WhatIs Intimacy? The intimate side of relationships and marriages isexplored here.

Treat Family Best It’s important to make your family relationships work before youoffer consideration to others. Sounds pretty much like common sense.

Love Lettersare an expression of feelings for another person which contain your most inner feelings.It may be a forum to move your love for that special person to the next level of intimacy.When you decide the time is right to express your feelings for that special woman or man,there are several creative ideas you may want to incorporate into your letter for addedimpact.

Gifts of Love If you are wondering what to give someonespecial for Valentine’s, an anniversary, or another occasion of love, look at a few oldfavorites and a couple of new ideas. Whether you aremarried for years or single and just beginning to date, these gifts will help yourrelationship along.

Romance a Man If you want to romance your male partner, see this survey: men rank sevenitems for romantic qualities.

Love: Right or Happy? In stablerelationships, the relationship is characterized by people who understand that loveis something that you do; love is not something you get "right." Love’s amystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.

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