Fitness and Health: Exercise and Many Components Equal Fit and Helathy

Fitness and Health: Physical fitness is exercise. Whether exercise is aerobic or anaerobic, exercise, health,  and physical fitness go together for life. However, fitness is more than exercise! Fitness is also about good nutrition, flexibility, relaxation, sleep, and more.

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Physical Fitness andHealth 

Yes, physical fitness is exercise. However, it more than exercise. 
Fitness iseverything from proper sleep to proper nutrition, from stress reduction to weight reduction, and from flexibility to balance to relaxation.

Written or compiled by JB Johnson

What Is Physical Fitness? The five basic components of physical fitness:cardiorespiratory or aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength,flexibility, and body composition, are explained.

Steps in Change for Health and Fitness  Actually change is a matter of goal setting and record keeping. It is a series of two steps forward and one step back. Learn more about changing your life and fitness…

Exercise Helps You Work Efficiently!  Exercise makes you more efficient, more energetic, and helpsmental productivity at work and elsewhere. Exercise will improve your work as well as yourhealth and appearance.

Exercise: The Happy Medium It’s easy for me to get too little exercise, even though I feel guilty. Andapparently it’s easy for my friend Jim to get so much exercise that it literally hurtshim. What is a happy medium?

Fitness Is More Than Exercise If you think exercise and weight control are all there is to fitness, youhave a surprise here.

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Why We Gain Weight as We Age  We gain weight with age because we lose muscle mass as weage. As we lose muscle tissue our resting metabolic rate slows. Slower resting metabolicweight equals weight gain.

Body Mass Index Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is basically the relationship between your height and weight. Although it is not a perfect measurement of body fat, it is a good indicator.


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Stress: ThatRobber of Health and Fitness   Cut stress in your life. Twelveways to eliminate stress and stressful living.! The cause of stress can be good or bad.Follow these basic principles to help handle personal stress and business stress.

ThirteenStress-Reduction Tactics Tacticsto accomplish stress reduction for health, fitness, and peace of mind. 

Personal Stress-Relief IdeasStress is the body’s physical, mental, and chemicalreaction to circumstances that irritate, frighten, excite, confuse, or endangerus. CyberParent readers give their personal tips for stress-relief.

Yoga  Yoga addresses the fitness components of flexibility and balance as well aspeace of mind. A peaceful,daily yoga routine will also center you and help to reduce the stress in your life.

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Sleep Sleep is much like water. They are both forgotten componentsof fitness.  When we don’t get enough sleep, it makes us more vulnerable to illness, accidents, irritability, conflict, and depression.

Get More Sleep  Getting enough sleep is a problem for our society in general. Some of us can not go to sleep. Some of us can stay asleep. Some of us do not have time to sleep. This article covers many ways to make more time in your life for sleep and help for insomnia. Getting more sleep for health and fitness is probably a matter of scheduling. 

Snoring, Sleep and Fitness  Snoring is defined as breathing during sleep with hoarse noises. It  causes a vibration of the soft palate and uvula. There is simple snoring and snoring from sleep apnea.

Stay Asleep  Some of us have no problem going to sleep, but waken too early without being able to go back to sleep. Help for this form of insomnia.

Sleep  Defined and explained. Anabolism is the phase of metabolism in which simple substances are synthesized into the complex materials of living tissue. Sleep is the fundamental anabolic process common to all life forms, plant and animal. 

Fitness and Sleep Disorders  An overview of various sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and narcolepsy.

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EyeFitness for Good Vision Most of us stare at a computer or the printed word all day and never think of taking care of our eyes. Yet healthy eyes need exercise, propernutrition, and good care. 

Eye Fitness and Nutrition The fact is that fit eyes not only need exercise, they need the proper eye-protecting nutrients to be healthy. We all know about carrots, but good nutrition for eyes is more complicated than carrots.

Eye Fitness and Exercise  There are many exercises you can do for your eyes. Try a few of these daily to exercise your eyes. 

Eye Care  A few simple steps will begin to give your eyes the care they need for fitness and good vision.

Eyes Need Rest for Health and Fitness  The eye is composed of muscles. Just as any muscle in the body, when we exercise the muscles of the eye, we need to give those muscles a rest. The best way to rest the eyes is to put them in complete darkness.

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Why Use a Structured ExerciseProgram from a Personal Trainer? There are many advantages in hiring a personal trainer and participating ina structured exercise program. One of the most important advantages is the trainer’sability to motivate you to stay with your program.

Starting an ExerciseProgram   A fitness trainer tells how to start an exercise program andwhat you need to do to start your personal exercise program. Exercise is a form ofwellness and of health.

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Beat the Start-to-HeartSyndrome: A series Many of us start the year (whether is is our birthday, NewYear’s, or some another anniversary) with resolutions about exercise, nutrition, andfitness. Most adults never learn to eat properly. We don’t even start here. The vastmajority of adults quits their exercise programs within six weeks. We start but we don’tfinish. This series is designed to help you finish what you started: a healthy YOU!!

Reversing Heart Disease  Heart disease can be reversed without surgery. Learn more…

Exercise and LookYounger  When you exercise, you relax. When you relax you lookyounger. Thus, you can exercise and look younger. Exercise is also legal, mood-altering,especially to music. Exercise relaxes you and reduces stress.

Nine Steps for Healthy Aging How you fare at retirement age is up to you–and–you need to start now to prepare for healthy aging.

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Walking Is a Lifetime Exercise  Walking is a lifetime exercise. It is for all ages, fitnesslevels, body builds, and energy levels. Walking is accessible, inexpensive, and virtuallyinjury free. Walking can be your exercise for a lifetime.

Water Work-OutsSwimming and water work-outs are great for the summer.Certainly swimming beats pounding the pavement in the heat. Learn more…

Jump Rope Work-Out  Jumping rope is an excellent cardiovascular workout as well as a calorie burner.

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Health and Fitness Defined Exercise and weight control are only two aspects of health and fitness.

News News of Health and Fitness

Healthy and Fit Immune System Overview of boosters for immune system in health and fitness.

Health and Fitness Comes from Diet Variety A very important part of fitness is a varied diet.

Fitness Can Be Boosted by Achieving a Powerful Immune System More components of a powerful immune system.

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