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“Women and Issues of a Woman” is a web to present and discuss females’ issues from marriage tomenopause,  from other women to work, from  love to loving. A female web for women. 

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Women and Issues of a Woman 

Women have issues and lives that are unique to being female. Celebrating the lives of females!

Women & Premenopause Sometime between a woman’s mid-thirties and her mid-forties, her  hormone balance begins to shift.

“Warshing” Clothes A bit of history for “women’s work.” And it certainly was work.

Men and Women Talk: But do they talk together? Even the quietest man talks to his woman when love is new. Then, what happens?

Martyrs and Mothers We all know Wendy in Peter Pan. Author Dan Kiley uses Wendy as a prototype for the self-sacrificing female and mother. She uses these sacrifices as an inappropriate sort of mothering for her children or the man in her life.

Random Thoughts on Marriage Some random thoughts on women, marriage, happiness.

Work vs. Home Work
Raising a child is serious business and demands everything a serious job does. And more!

Women and Abuse
Mental/emotional abuse is sneaky. Are you being abused? 

Women Need to Work
Even though women are still  given responsibility for the family, they also need to work for high self-satisfaction.

Questions for Brides
Questions brides should answer; knowledge brides should have; expectations brides should understand.

Attitudes and Behaviors
Your attitudes influence your behaviors. Therefore, if women change their attitudes, their behaviors should follow suit.

Men and Sex: a Series for women Sex, anger, and humor are the only emotions our society allows “real men” to have. For most males, then, sex is the only arena in which they feel safe being openly emotional. This is a series to promote understanding between the sexes.

  Men and Sex in Today’s Society

  Men Use Sex to Connect

  Men Relate Through Sex

  Men & Sexual Rejections by Women

  Male Sexual Attitudes, Fantasies, Masturbation

  Lust and Getting Lucky

Relationship Tests Women sometimes have nagging doubts about their relationship with a mate/lover. Use these tests to see if your mate/lover shows signs of being controlling, selfish, or unloving.

Setting Limits in Relationships Setting limits is done because you love someone, not because you don’t love him/her.

Marriage and Women Directory of a series of articles. Why are women leaving marriage in droves? This question begins a series that takes a hard look at marriage from the woman’s standpoint.

  Why Are Women Leaving Marriage in Droves?

  What’s In Marriage for Women?

  Why Is Marriage Unhappy for So Many Women?

  Early History of Marriage and Women

  19th Century Marriage

  The 1950s Hangover for Women in Marriage

  Crossroads for Marriage

  Prince Who?

  Happy Wives Make Happy Husbands!

Magic Pill
Can hypnosis be a “magic pill” for women?

Scents and Fragrances Fragrances have been called the ultimate accessory.  Certainly the way you smell says a lot about you. A few hints for these “essentials.”

Yes, even married women can be lonely. Women suffer from two kinds of loneliness. What can you do about being lonely?

I Should But I Can’t
A woman’s life is fraught with “I shoulds” followed by “But I can’t.” The five words “I should but I can’t” can make you a victim.

Silent Contracts
Brides and grooms enter marriage surrounded by silent contracts, some of which they know nothing about. Yet those contracts can sabotage any marriage.  Talk it out first!

Verbal Abuse in the Workplace 
Brigitte Aflalo-Calderon’s series shows women how to cope with verbal abuse, workplace aggression,  bullying, and violence in the workplace.

And I kept telling myself, Shes only doing this because she loves you .

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Body Mass Index When you are walking for fitness, be aware that a high Body Mass Index (BMI) usually indicates more body fat. As your body mass index goes down, your body fat is going away!

Walking and Weight Loss One of the primary benefits of a regular walking routine for women is weight-loss. And does it ever work! But don’t think that a moderate-intensity walking program  will work quickly or you will be disappointed.

Some women just can not get enough sleep. Some hints for more snooze time.

Women and Physical Safety Directory of a series of articles. All women need a physical safety plan. A  woman who is often alone certainly needs to have a physical safety plan. A series of articles for helping women remain physically safe.

  Women Avoid Being Victims of Crime

  Safety Tips for Women

  Violence and Safety for Women

  Women, Safety, and Car Trouble

Letters from Women Women write letters to CyberParent readers.

Women Gain as They Age Women make many gains with age. Just in case you don’t believe us, here is a partial list of those gains to make you think ahead.

Steps for Women to Age Gracefully Women can age gracefully if they wish to do so. Steps for women to take for graceful aging.

Reversing Heart Disease  Heart disease can be reversed  with diet and lifestyle changes and without surgery or medicines.

For Women Only Directory Letters from Women Marriage and Women: Directory of Series:
Magic Pill Work vs. Home Work Why Are Women Leaving Marriage in Droves?
Loneliness Women Need to Work What’s In Marriage for Women?
Happy Face Women and Abuse Why Is Marriage Unhappy for So Many Women?
I Should But I Can’t Questions for Brides Early History of Marriage
Scents and Fragrances Silent Contracts 19th Century Marriage
Sleep Directory of Series: Men & Sex
for women.
The 1950s Hangover!
Men and Women Talk Men and Sex in Today’s Society. Crossroads for Marriage
Book Reviews Men Use Sex to Connect. Prince Who?
Martyrs and Mothers Men Relate Through Sex. Happy Wives Make Happy Husbands!
Are You Depressed? Men & Sexual Rejections by Women Random Thoughts on Marriage
Setting Limits in Relationships. Male Sexual Attitudes, Fantasies, Masturbation.  
Your Attitudes and Behaviors Lust and Getting Lucky  
Test Those Nagging Doubts About Your Relationship    

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