Starting an Exercise Program for Health and Fitness.

Fitness: A physical fitness specialist tells how to start an exercise program then make that exercise program a part of your life. Exercise for life is your rx for health and fitness.

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Fitness and Health

Starting an Exercise Program for Health and Fitness

Interview with Brandon Jackson by BJ Johnson

Fitness: An exercise program can be started anytime in your life and there is no time like to day to start that exercise program for health and fitness.

The role of fitness in health: 


Brandon Jackson, Personalized Fitness Specialist, PFS, gave the following tipsfor starting an exercise program and making it part of your life.

Jackson said, "Exercise is a form of wellness. It is preventativemaintenance for aging. The more healthy we are as we age, the fewer problems we will have.Of course, exercise is also relaxing."

Jackson continued, "And the time to begin that exercising is now. Whereveryou are in your fitness regime now, whether you have a routine and need to improve it orhave none at all, now is the time to start an exercise program!

He warned, "You should always consult your doctor before beginning anyexercise program, of course. As long as your doctor agrees, you are never too old to startan exercise routine."

Jackson suggested starting slowly and beginning a minimum exercise program forpeople of any age. That fitness program includes weight training and aerobic exercise.

He believes everyone should work their muscles with weights for a total bodyworkout at least twice a week. This should be combined with 40 minutes of cardiovascularexercise at least four times per week.

Cardiovascular exercise should include five minutes each of warm up and cooldown plus thirty minutes of exercise at your correct aerobic heart rate.

Why use a personal trainer? A personal trainer can help you in many ways:

  • A trainer will start by discussing your goals and help you reach these goals.
  • As long as you provide your trainer with adequate feed-back, he/she can teach you to exercise correctly while avoiding injury.
  • A good trainer will help you with diet and nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, and weight training.
  • He/she should be able to give you an honest estimate of how long it will take you to reach your goals.

When asked how long it would take to see results. Jackson replied, "Afterthree months you should see a difference in the way your clothes fit. You shoulddefinitely feel it in your motivation, your energy level, and your metabolism."

What about losing weight?




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He said, "Dense muscle fiber burns calories which will help you loseweight in the long run. In the short run, however, muscle weighs more than fat so youmight even gain weight at first. Therefore, if you must use scales, weigh only once amonth. It is better to use the way your clothes fit and feel plus your mirror asindicators of how many inches you are losing."

If you have been putting off a healthy exercise program, start exercising now.That is the only way to gain fitness.

Brandon Jackson is a Personalized FitnessSpecialist, PFS, in Texas.


Additional information about health and fitness.



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