Sometimes you are presentedalternatives. Maybe you are given a choice of play activities at school. Or maybe you havethe alternative of a puppy or kitten for a pet. When you are presented with alternatives,all you have to do is choose.

Another example of choosingalternatives would occur at a restaurant. You decide what to eat by what the restaurantoffers to serve you, usually from a menu. You don’t decide to eat buffalo, alligator, oremu if it is not offered by the restaurant.

Other alternatives are created by you.Once you have decided to acquire a puppy as a pet, for example, you will be able to choosea name from the alternatives you create. You make a list of ten alternative names youlike, then narrow the list down to one favorite.

Or maybe your family has an alternativeway to name the puppy. Maybe you will choose four names you like and then your sister orbrother will make the final choice from those four alternatives.

For the next two weeks at Kidsdo, wewill investigate alternatives. This week, we will start by making up alternative stories.


Make up two alternative stories aboutthe frog.

Hints: The frog is hopping. Is the froghopping toward something or away from something? How old is the frog? What does the froglike to eat? What would like to eat the frog? Where does the frog live? Why is the froggreen? What would happen if the frog was a different color? Keep thinking about the froguntil you can make up two good stories.

Don’t write these stories because wegave you a lot of hints. Just make up the alternative stories in your mind.

Now you are ready to write a story. Ifyou can not write every word yet, have someone older help you. Click below for:

Story Alternative One Story Alternative Two Story Alternative Three Alternative Ways

Remember to come back next week; we will have moreabout alternatives for one more week.

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