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Thanks for your interest. 

We would love to give you more information about matchmaker training. However, we also have a singles business to run and have to make our time count, too. 

The internet certainly generates curiosity. We were having many calls where the person had not read the website (which is short and easy to follow) and had not submitted a complete contact form. That wasted the caller’s time and our time, too.

We can no longer give out information to people who do not submit the complete form in advance. 

Please read the website, then  fill out the form completely. We will contact you by telephone at night. Your personal information  is kept totally confidential but it is required before we can discuss training with you. Please do not call us before submitting the form.

Matchmaker training is not available for residents of Texas or those planning to start a business in Texas. After all, we are in Texas and common sense says not to train a competitor!!

This is not a class. It is one-on-one training. Matchmaker training costs $3000 before October 10, 2006.  Training price does not include transportation to DFW, car rental, meals, or lodging. 

So that we do not waste each other’s time, all information is required for a return phone call.Your personal information is never sold or shared in any manner.

First Name
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Please give town/metro area and state/province, 
explaining if necessary
Do you now own or 
have you ever owned a matchmaking/dating business? If yes, please give details.
Do you now work for or 
have you ever worked for a matchmaking/dating business? If yes, please givedetails
Message for matchmaker, if any.

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