Buying Green Homes. First time buyers.

Buying Green Homes: First-Time Buyers

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Maybe you have only saved a small down payment for your green home. Or your income is not the highest. Or your bills are the highest. Don’t despair of ever owning a green home. Use the following suggestions to get you started on the road to green home ownership.

Start by trying the government. The federal government has certain options that are available to you such as the purchase of HUD homes or VA financing if you are a veteran.

Many cities and counties have local programs that are created to solve local problems. You may benefit from one of these programs.

You can also contact the state of your residency for one of several programs available through them.

You might qualify as a first time homeowner. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is the first home you have ever owned. There is usually some time frame of not owning a home that qualifies you as a "first-time buyer."

There are other options. Look into:

  • Lease-purchase options

  • Sweat equity opportunities

  • Owner financing opportunities

  • Ecohousing or Ecovillages

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