What Is Google Classroom and How Does It Work?

With so many schools having to turn to online learning for their young students, Google Classroom has become one of the most in-demand educational technologies.

It acts as a virtual classroom, allowing teachers and educators to continue interacting with their students if facilitating face-to-face schooling is not possible.

If your child is required to use Google Classroom at home to continue their schooling, you’re in luck! It’s easy to get the hang of Google Classroom due to its minimalistic design and a broad range of functions.

Because Google Classroom is part of the Google family of software and services, you will need a Google account to use it.

The platform helps to minimize the downsides of distance learning. It lets students work on their assignments, participate in webinars and even ask for college essay help if they need it.

So now that you know what Google Classroom is, here is how it works:

How Does Google Classroom Function?

Google Classroom is linked to Google Drive, ensuring a convenient method of handling online documents. The platform allows establishing a comfortable connection between an educator and students.

These are several functionality options offered by this service:

  • Create homework assignments. The majority of modern teachers use Google Classroom for the creation of homework tasks for their students. When making academic assignments for their students, tutors may upload all required documentation to read or work on. Learners will receive an electronic notification once the new task is ready. After that, they carry out the assignment and submit it online. That is when the teacher can assess their performance.
  • Post announcements and news. In case a tutor needs to announce something to the whole class promptly, they may type in a quick memo. The latter will be sent to student’s email addresses.
  • Upload teaching materials. Besides uploading homework and class assignments, educators using Google Classroom can store any training-related documents there. All materials are kept on Google Drive.
  • Support students’ interaction. The service also supports the student-to-student connection. Thus, pupils have the opportunity to communicate with each other using emails via Google Classroom. Besides, they can comment on educational tasks and notices.

It is highly recommended to use other Google products, including Google Docs and Google Sheets. Since all corporation’s tools are interconnected, it will be easier to use them than external programs.

Moreover, when students open Google Docs to operate with them, all changes are automatically saved in the file stored on Google Drive.

How to Start Using Google Classroom

Once again, this service is user-friendly, so nowadays, tech-savvy students and parents won’t have any problems with it.

Finding a suitable research paper writing service is much harder than getting your hand in the Google Classroom processes.

The only thing required from learners/educators to start using this platform is a Google Apps for Education account which is different from a usual Google account.

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to create a user account there.

  1. Go to classroom.google.com through your web browser and log in with your Google account.
  2. In case you have only a standard Google account, the next message will pop up on the screen: “Sorry! The classroom is only available for Google Apps for Education Users at this time.” It is because, for today, this service is aimed at educational establishments only.
  3. Hit the “Get Started with Apps” icon placed below the notice.
  4. Get familiar with the service on its main page or press the “Get Apps Today” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. Complete the registration form specifying required information (institutional for teachers and personal for students). Then choose “Next.”
  6. At this stage, educators setting up an account can use their educational institution’s website domain. Once it is done, click the “Next” icon.
  7. Enter the username and password you have come up with.
  8. Indicate the requested authentication code to prove you are a real person. Then tick the “Read and Agree” box and press the “Accept” and “Signup” buttons.

The system will set up your profile and redirect you to the administrator portal. Here, the user will have to verify their domain, confirming that they own it.

Closing Thoughts

To sum it up, Google Classroom represents a perfect way out for nowadays teachers and students.

This online platform supports paperless sharing and digital collaboration as well as the continuation of education should your child not be able to attend school.

It also makes the remote learning experience much more enjoyable and comfortable for all the educational process participants.

So when it comes to your child’s at-home learning, this Google service will definitely come in handy – it’s a great choice for those who need to continue their education amid a worldwide pandemic.

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