Single Parent Social Isolation Survival Guide

The world has changed so much in such a short period of time. We went from living our normal day-to-day lives to having to cut ourselves off from our family, friends and loved ones in an effort to stop the spread of an aggressive flu virus.

I used to think staying at home and not having to go anywhere would be a dream. However, I am finding myself struggling with the lack of social connection. Apart from my daughter, who is great company, I am starting to miss my family and friends.

I’m sure you other single parents feel the same.

While we are reducing our risk of contracting COVID-19, this isolation is putting our mental health at risk. Before you feel the strain of social isolation begin to affect your well-being, here are some ways you can stay sane during this trying time:

How to Stay Sane During Social Isolation

1. Structure Your Day

When you’re stuck inside and unable to go to work, your days may begin to feel pointless. It starts by staying in your pajamas all day until eventually you are lazing around with no motivation to do anything productive.

This sort of slump can easily lead to depression and anxiety.

It’s important to try and maintain some semblance of routine throughout your day. Stay in the habit of getting dressed and brushing your teeth in the morning. Also try to eat your meals at the same time everyday.

2. Stay in Touch With Friends and Family

You may not be able to go visit friends and family but you can always give them a call and have a chat.

Try to talk to at least one person outside of your household every day. Having that social contact is important in not feeling cut off from the world. And those individuals may need the emotional support as well.

If you have kids, get them video chatting with their friends and classmates. Facebook offers a Messenger Kids app that allows them to chat with people only you can approve for their friend’s list.

3. Avoid Conflict

If you’re cooped up with family members, partners or children, it’s important to avoid conflict and maintain an atmosphere of peace.

This can be hard when you are suddenly forced to remain within your home with these people.

Start by creating an understanding that it’s okay for individuals to go to their personal space for a break. You can also discuss the art of active listening and improve everyone’s overall communication skills.

4. Start a Project

While maintaining a routine throughout your day helps to keep you on schedule, starting a project can give your day purpose.

Dust off some puzzles or commit yourself to learn a new skill.

You can also get your kids involved by doing crafts, building a blanket fort or creating your own board game.

By having a goal to work toward, you will find yourself more motivated to get up and moving throughout the day.

5. Get Creative

Many people are getting creative in the ways they are dealing with social isolation – and many companies are helping out.

More than a few famous landmarks, and even zoos, are offering free virtual tours. Here are a few you can check out:

You can install the Netflix Party Chrome Extension and watch shows and movies at the same time as your friends. The extension also allows you to send messages while you view.

Many communities are placing teddy bears in their windows to allow children to go on scavenger hunts.

There’s no end to the creative ideas people are coming up with to deal with social isolation.

How are you dealing with social isolation? Let us know in the comments!

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