Celebrate Fall with the Family

Last call for warmish weather! As summer gives way to winter, we have the beautiful season of Autumn to help us with this transition. As the weather does a yo-yo act between warm and cold, it is the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the season with your family while you can still get away with thick sweaters and vests.

Fall Crafts

There’s so many cool things you can find outside during the Fall that you can use to make some really neat crafts! Here are a few ideas of crafts you can make this fall with your little ones:

Leaf People: Gather some leaves, bring them inside and glue googly-eyes onto them. Quick, easy and adorable!

Pine Cone Birdfeeders: Scavenge some pine cones, slather them in peanut butter and roll them in birdseed. Hang outside for your little feathered friends.

Leaf Prints: Grab some more leaves, paint with bright colours and use them as stamps on pieces of paper. You can decorate some card stock for some beautiful homemade greeting cards or use smaller leaves to make prints on rocks.

Acorn Painting: Collect some acorns and paint them in bright fall colours or coat in glue and roll in glitter. Use the finished product to fill jars for candles or to adorn the dinner table. (The former Autism Support Worker in me wants to point out the holding and painting acorns is great practice to develop grasp.)

Apple Picking

Fall is apple season and if you have a local orchard this makes the perfect Autumn activity for your family. Most orchards also feature haybales and pumpkins for the perfect photo op! Additionally, walking around the orchard and picking the apples (which usually involves climbing) is great exercise.

Added bonus: You get to make so many yummy and delicious things with the apples you pick! Check out these quick and easy recipes you and your family can make with your apple-y haul.

Fall Theme Photo Hunt

Use the following list of fall-related items found in nature and go on a scavenger hunt! Be sure to bring your phone or camera to capture each item. Want to make it more interesting? Challenge other families on Facebook and see who can find all the items first!

Spider web
Leaf Pile
Jack O’Lantern
Ghost Decoration
Flock of Geese
Red Leaf
Yellow Leaf
Orange Leaf
Green Leaf
Red Berries

Pumpkin Carving

Even if Hallowe’en has come and gone, or if it still on its way, pumpkin carving is a fun and creative activity the whole family can enjoy. Broaden your creativity by carving your child’s favourite characters instead of the usual cats and witches. If your little ones are too little to handle the knives for carving, grab some paint and let them go crazy!

Make sure you keep your pumpkin outside. Trust me, I’ve learned from experience what happens when you bring a pumpkin into a heated home. It’s a delightfully squishy mess.

Leaf Pile

I am a grown adult and, yet, when I see a leaf pile I feel that it must be jumped in!
Everyone pitch in and rake together the biggest leaf pile ever. Take turns jumping in. Grab the rake and repeat. The kids will have fun and you will half your yard work completed.

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