Doing Christmas On A Budget: 8 Clever Tips On Making Memories And Saving Money

Is the financial stress of the holiday season getting to your head?

If so, it’s safe to say that you’re certainly not alone. In fact, 69 percent of people admit to feeling stressed about a lack of money during the holiday season. In all of the gifting and events that come alongside the holidays, it’s easy to see why financial stress tends to run high during this time.

If you’re worried about spending too much money this holiday season, this one’s for you. We’re showcasing nine simple, yet effective tips on how to tackle Christmas on a budget.

Not only is this going to save you money, but it’s also going to help you create some cherished holiday memories.

1. Cut out Unnecessary Items

First things first, you’re going to want to begin by cutting out all of the unnecessary items that are associated with Christmas.

If you’re really serious about committing to Christmas on a budget, it’s time to rid yourself of anything and everything that isn’t totally mandatory. This is going to help reduce your stress levels and significantly minimize the money being spent overall.

For example, this might mean skipping out on hosting your usual holiday party. Or, it could mean taking a break from stocking stuffers for the kids. Either way, adopting a “less is more” attitude is always helpful when looking to cut costs and save money on Christmas.

2. Play a Gifting Game

Do you really have to buy for every single important person in your life?
We all know the stress of having to buy a gift for each and every member of our family. By the time you’ve crossed all of the names off of your shopping list, it’s safe to say that your chequing account is going to be hurting.

This is why so many families and friends have chosen to omit the idea of buying for all. Instead, you simply pick one person that you’re going to purchase for that holiday season.

This could be made into a fun game where everyone brings one general gift. In order, each person gets to pick one gift from the pile. That gift can be “stolen” by others when it’s their turn. At the end of the game, every person is going to end up with a present to take home.

3. Host a Potluck

Let’s face it, having the entire extended family for dinner isn’t exactly cost-effective.

If you’re really looking to reduce holiday spending, your annual holiday dinner is a crucial event to target. Rather than hosting and cooking a meal for all, why not consider making the event a potluck?

In doing so, each guest brings one dish to contribute to the meal. If there are twelve people joining for the meal, there are going to be twelve communal dishes to choose from.

4. DIY Your Presents

If you eat, sleep and breathe DIY projects, it’s time to DIY your Christmas presents!

As we get older, it’s safe to say that we enjoy “gifts from the heart” significantly more than those that are store-bought. With a DIY present, you’re gifting a part of yourself to those that you care about most.

Of course, DIY presents do take time. To help avoid the holiday rush, be sure to begin your DIY project long before the holiday season commences. This will allow you to enjoy the process rather than feeling stressed with timing.

5. Use Newspaper as Gift Wrap

Every holiday season, it seems that we find ourselves purchasing bows, gift wrap and name tags in preparation for gift wrapping. But, what if gift wrapping didn’t have to involve spending money? And more importantly, harming the planet with unnecessary plastics and other materials.

This holiday season, why not commit to a DIY style gift wrap? This can easily be done by wrapping your gifts in newspaper and getting creative with your gift tags? This is also a simple way to reduce the amount of waste that presents itself during this time.

6. Get Creative Online

It’s time to practice the art of online shopping!

Not only is online shopping incredibly convenient, but it also presents some unique opportunities. After all, we have that one friend that’s known for getting awesome deals online. You know, the one that always scores items at unbeatable prices and then receives a rebate in the mail?

If you’re not acquainted with online shopping, you’re probably going to find yourself wondering how do rebates work in the first place? You might even think that it sounds too good to be true.

The truth is, getting rebates for spending money online does happen. This holiday season, why not track down websites that reward you for spending money on their products? Here, you can check the items off of your shopping list and look forward to getting a rebate in the mail.

7. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a simple and effective way to save a lot of money.

When an item is purchased in bulk, it typically means that the cost of the individual item is reduced. In a way, the consumer is being financially rewarded for buying such a large quantity of the item.

This is perfect when it comes to gifting during the holidays. With this notion, you can gift anyone from your co-workers and your child’s teachers to your neighbors and your child’s coach with the same item.

8. Host a Christmas Crafts Party

Let’s face it, decorating our homes for the holidays can become incredibly expensive.

By the time we purchase our holiday wreaths, tree ornaments, and simple holiday decor, our wallet is already feeling the pain. If the thought of purchasing new holiday decor is sending a shiver down your spine, why not try DIY holiday decor?

To make matters more fun, you can host a Christmas craft party! In hosting the event, you can divide the cost of materials by the number of attendees. This is a great way to spread holiday cheer throughout your home without doing much damage to your bank account.

Christmas on a Budget

Are you finally ready to commit to financial change this holiday season?

It’s not surprising that the words “Christmas” and “budget” don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. After all, the holidays are a time where we feel pressure to overextend ourselves financially.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for people to report feeling more stressed out during the holiday season. In fact, 31 percent of Americans even go so far as describing the holiday season as “frantic.”

But, the truth is, celebrating Christmas on a budget is entirely doable. It’s also a great way to make warm memories with friends and family and reduce holiday stress.

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